#1 KB Workout Mistake WOMEN Make?

We have KBs scattered around our house.

Most of them live in the garage, in my gym. There are a
few that live in the “sunroom” just off the deck. And there
are 3 – 2x12kg and a 24kg that live by the back door, just
off the living room.

There kept there specifically for my wife.

They’re “hers.”

Her “routine” – if you can call it that – because to her –
it’s “catch-as-catch-can” between a 3 year old and an
infant – consists of primarily low rep front squats and
presses with the 12’s and lower rep explosive swings
with the 24kg.

As infrequent as her workouts seem to be to her, she
mentioned the other night how she noticed her body slowly

(Slowly not because of the workouts, but because of the
lack of sleep as our daughter adjusts to eating some solid
food and the 2-3x nightly wake ups that seem to be going
with that. If she could just get some sleep she’d make much
faster progress.)

I’ve trained women my entire career – including sports teams,
like my wife’s.

And there’s still one pervasive mistake – a myth – that I see
women falling for.

And it drives me freakin’ nuts.

Here it is:

Women need high reps to “tone.”



It’s a LIE.

And women in the KB world fall for it all the time by doing
nothing but a bunch of high rep swings.

Time after time after time, I’ve helped women transform
their bodies by making them do only 2 things (apart from
getting their eating in order):

1. Lift heavy.

2. Move explosively.

You won’t get big.

You wont’ get bulky.

The exact opposite will happen.

You’ll get leaner.

You’ll get stronger.

I remember back in 2001 when I started my personal
training business in North Carolina there was a girl named
Angela in the gym. She was a couple of years older than

Pretty girl.

Always wore a sports bra and sweat pants cause her legs
and butt were her trouble areas.

She’d ask me questions as she saw me train my female
clients “unconventionally” but would never take my advice.

She’d always hit the “Hour of Power” Step class, then come
out and use the cables and do nothing but high reps on
the hip extension, abduction, and adduction.

Two years later when I moved my business out of the gym
and into my first studio, Angela was STILL doing the step
class and the same exercises for the same high reps.

The only difference was she was “bulkier.”

Her legs and butt were bigger, not smaller.

And her waist had gotten softer.

If you’re currently doing a bunch of high rep swings and
maybe even snatches and not seeing the reduction in body
fat and “toning” you thought you’d see, then do the opposite:

1. Lift heavy.

Sets of 1-5 reps.

And –

2. Lift explosively.

You can still do your swings and snatches, but do the “dead
stop” version.

Cut the reps you’re currently doing in half and focus on
making each rep as explosive as possible – more like
vertical jumps.

Then check your heart rate after the heavy and explosive.

You’ll find that it’s beating faster than it normally does.

This is good.

You’re doing more work.

Which burns more calories (fat, hopefully, depending on
your diet).

In fact, here’s what I would do NOW if you’ve really been
struggling to get that fat off

1. Focus on your nutrition first.

Get your food down pat. That’s where 80-90% of your results
come from. No more “emotional eating” – chocolate is NOT
your best friend.

2. Really focus on your strength work – use a pair of kettlebells.

Keep your reps low, like I mentioned before. 1 to 5 reps.

Focus on cleans, presses, and front squats.

And keep your workouts short. Under 30 minutes.

A really good program to use is the “STRONG!” program in
“Kettlebell STRONG!”.

It won’t bulk you up, rather it’ll give you shape.

More defined shoulders and arms.

Tighter stomach, hips, and legs.

Stop believing the “high reps to tone” LIE and get your copy
of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Trust me, this methodology has worked for ALL my female

It’ll work for you too.


If for some reason you don’t think it’s working for you, I’ll
gladly give you a refund.

Talk soon.


P.S. If for some reason you absolutely need to get your
“Swing Fix” – then do the “One” program twice a week,
alternated with the “STRONG!” program. I’ve outlined it
for you in the book.

Get it here.

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