1 Simple Cue To Boost Your Press Numbers AND Protect Your Shoulders

I’ve got a client who recently did one of those
all-night type challenges.

He had worked out on his own using one of those
follow-along DVD programs, but when he started
using KBs he really started dropping fat, getting
strong, and putting on muscle.

And he started getting really well conditioned too.

So he goes on the all-night challenge – it’s very
military-esque – based on the SEALS Hell Week
I think – even had them doing flutter kicks in Lake
Michigan –

And came back with sore shoulders.

REALLY sore shoulders.

Sore for two weeks or more sore shoulders.

Yeah, that sore.

And when he left, he was doing double C+Ps with
a pair of 24s for a set of 10 as an RM (after never
having strong shoulders before).

When he came back, he could barely press a 16kg.


What the heck happened?

Push ups.

Millions upon millions of Push ups.

Done with poor form, under extreme fatigue.

Really hacked off his shoulders.


Well, he chose not to go see a doc so best guess
was acute case of rotator cuff (supraspinatus) tendonitis.

So we couldn’t Press for a couple of weeks.


Especially since he was doing so well.

So we’ve done a bunch of corrective stuff to help cool
off the shoulders.

(Maybe I’ll share the WHOLE program with you – it really
helped him out Big Time…)

Anyway, one of the cues we’ve used this time around
which has rebuilt his Press quickly works almost like

Not only will it protect your shoulders, but it’ll make your
Press go up.

Here it is:

“Connect your hip to your elbow to your pinky.”

Let me explain:

In your mind’s eye you’re going to push from your hip, through
your elbow, and squeeze the bell hard – control it – from your

Line those three points up in your mind.

Imagine that it’s a straight line of power.

This does several things:

1. Aligns your hip under the bell correctly providing a
stable base of support from which to push

2. Keeps the forearm almost vertical, which helps keep
the shoulder stabilized by engaging the lat, and provides
a stronger Press

3. Connects your grip to your lat and your lat to your

Try it.

Nah… Forget “try it” – Practice it!

It’ll work for you.

Better yet, go on a Press specialization program.

Or even better, go on a Press and Chin spec program like
“Upper Body Blast” from “Kettlebell Express!”.


That way you can really get a feel for how your lats not
only improve your Press but protect your shoulder while
pressing. (The Chins really wake up your lats and help
you use them on the Press).

That cue has worked like gold for my client, and I’m sure
it’ll work for you too.

Talk soon.


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