10 Methods For “Upside Down” KB Fat Loss

If you’ve been doing the same old boring KB workouts and haven’t been seeing the results you want, then you’ll want to read this.


Because I’m going to give you 10 methods you can start using today for “Upside Down” fat loss.

What’s “Upside Down” fat loss?


It’s where you turn your ideas of how to lose fat using your KBs upside down on its head.

In other words – doing the opposite of what “common” sense would dictate.

Here we go (you may want to PRINT these out).

1. Stop doing Swings.

Look, we all know Swings are amazing – especially for beginners, but, there comes a point of diminishing returns.

Remember how hard Swings were when you first started doing them?

How come they’re not as hard as you remember them?

Because they no longer provide the same challenge, and therefore the same effect to your body.

Therefore, they don’t provide the same results they once used to.

Do a harder KB exercise.

2. Start using 2 KBs instead of 1.

Would you rather have $2 or $1?

You’d be a fool to say $1, right?

So, since knowing how beneficial one KB is, why not learn how to use 2?

You use more weight, therefore you create more of a challenge for your body, so you do more work, which in turn means you burn more calories.

Pretty simple.

3. Stop doing “Ballistics” altogether.

Ballistic KB exercises, like the Swing and the Snatch, are great. They’re the “bread and butter” of most KB fat loss programs?

But what happens when the butter is too cold to spread and your bread rips?

(Man, I HATE it when that happens.)

If you’ve been doing primarily ballistics-centered workouts, time for a change.

Do the opposite.

Which is…

4. Start doing more “Grinds” – the slow KB lifts.


Muscular effort – a.k.a. Work.

More tension = more work.

More work = more calories burned.

More calories burned = more fat lost.

5. Stop turning every workout into MetCon

This one is sinister.

It happens when you “feel” like your workouts aren’t really “doing anything” unless you’re huffing and puffing and sweating – or worse – bordering on the point of throwing up.

Stop. Slow your workouts down. Rest more between sets.

Focus on quality of work, not quality.

Make each and every rep feel exactly the same.

Refuse to proceed unless you can.

I just caught the time – I’ve been behind the 8-ball all day and now I’ve gotta go train myself.

I’ll get the other 5 over to you tomorrow.

In the mean time, re-read these 5 and see if there are any changes you can make.

Talk soon.


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