10 Training Secrets From “The Cuban” – Secret #1

If you’re new to this list or if you haven’t been opening
your emails in awhile (shame on you!) you’ve probably
never heard me speak about “The Cuban.”

“The Cuban” is one of the smartest, most brilliant minds
in all of strength training.

You’ve never heard of him because quite frankly, he
sucks at marketing and is quite content to crank out
walking piles of human granite from his hole-in-the-
wall gym in West New York, NJ.

“The Cuban” is/was my weightlifting coach – Alfonso
Duran. (I’m retired now hence – the “was”.)

He taught me most of what I know about the strength
training game.

It was his programming that helped me Power Snatch

It was his programming that helped me add 90lbs to my
squat in only 6 weeks.

And it was his programming that helps me help you.

And I want to pass on to you the #1 thing I learned from
him –


You have to have a plan.

And the more customized it is to the individual, the better.

Without it, you’re L-O-S-T.

Most people, even with said plan in hand, will deviate
will-nilly from “the path” cause they “didn’t feel like doing
it” and then complain that they aren’t seeing “results.”

Every week I’d travel 2 hours round trip as a broke post-
grad college student and then young personal trainer
to see Al.

And every week we’d go over the program he’d written
me in my training journal.

And every week, we’d assess the progress I was making.

Most of the time, the program was written week-to-week,
in 4 week blocks – each week’s loading was based on
the former.

And that’s SECRET #2 –

Most of your programs should be 4 weeks long, with some
sort of continuity linking them to each other.

And that’s another reason why people don’t see results –

There’s no “training continuity” – there’s nothing that
links one training program to the next.

Think about that – there’s all these programs out here
and lots of us just bounce from one-to-the-other-to-the

Sure, we’re entertained (i.e. “not bored”) but when we
look back over say, the last 3-6 months – there’s been
very little progress.

Think about that for a second – I hope that hasn’t
happened to you.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more “Training Secrets
From ‘The Cuban'”.

In the meantime – here’s a way to finally make measurable
and visible progress each and every month – the solution
you’re looking for.


Talk soon.


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