NEVER thought I’d see THIS

I was hungry (as is generally the case).

REALLY hungry.

Had a small lunch around 2 and it was closing in on 8pm.

I was heading back to the burrito bar at my local WholeFoods
when I was stopped in my tracks.

Like – FROZEN.

I couldn’t believe it.

Not in a million years.

And especially not in “crunchy-granola-vegan-ville.”

(Oh come on, even if you’re vegan you know that’s pretty
funny – you gotta be able to laugh at yourself…)

Could it be?

The world – the outside world –

Is actually, maybe, just slightly…

Catching on?

Here’s what I saw:





A woman.

Equated with being physically strong (and not freaky)…

But feminine…

… WHILE holding a kettlebell.

(Yeah, yeah, don’t comment on HOW she’s holding it – it’s
the overall image and what it conveys that we’re looking

Imagine that…

A woman can be a woman, curvy, feminine, AND be strong.

And it’s ok to do so.

And she can use a kettlebell to do it.

AND it’s being promoted out in the open in Whole Foods
of all places!

I can tell you this:

I like Whole Foods.

But they just took a BIG STEP up in my book.

(I’ll be buying more burritos tonight.)

As you may know, I firmly believe women not only are designed
to be strong, but should pursue strength as the foundation
of their training.

Forget about “cardio” or “MetCon”.

A woman is never more feminine (in my book at least) than
when she’s strong.

One of the things that attracted me to my wife was that
she was physically strong.

When I was her strength coach, just before we got married,
she had a double bodyweight squat.

And no, she didn’t have monster thighs or any of that such

She was (and still is) built like an athlete – lean, healthy,
and strong, with curves in all the right places.

To this day, almost 20 years later, she can still press a
pair of 16kg KBs for multiple sets and multiple reps,
even as a sleep-deprived mother of two.

Make no mistake about this:

Women should train for strength.

Then, once they have a base level of strength, THEN they
should focus on conditioning or MetCon or whatever – even
fat loss.

It’s amazing what a regular and properly planned strength
training program will do for a woman’s body composition –

Especially when she focuses on the one area that seems to
sabotage so many women – stress eating / mindless munching.

If you’re a woman or you know a woman who’s been struggling
with this whole “magical” kettlebell thing –

Then do yourself (or her) a favor –

Get her focused on getting stronger – MEASURABLY stronger.

You know – numbers that you can see going up.

Get yourself (or her) a copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

You’ll learn how to do all the major double KB lifts –

The ones that make you really strong.

+ The Clean
+ The Front Squat
+ The Press
+ The Swing
+ The Push Press
+ The Snatch
+ The High Pull
+ The Jerk
+ The Clean + Jerk

AND just as importantly, if not more so, you’ll have a long-
term program to follow that will get you stronger

Get you seeing MEASURABLE results.

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.


P.S. If for some strange reason you just can’t leave the
cardio or MetCon behind out of guilt or fear – don’t worry –

I’ve got you covered with the “One” program.

Learn more about it here.


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