130 Pound Man Squats 603! – Shares Secrets Of Success

Got back yesterday from the StrongFirst Leadership
meeting in Salt Lake City.

What an amazing time.

Pavel shared his vision about “Phase 2 of the Russian
Kettlebell Invasion”.

What is it?

Well, I’ve been sworn to secrecy – but let’s just put it
this way – you’re going to LOVE it.

Pavel unloaded a MAJOR surprise on us Sunday

He brought in a guest speaker –

A guy who’s written 90 – yes, NINETY – books –

Was the world’s first sports psychologist –

Has worked with hundreds of professional athletes –

And who holds multiple world records in powerlifting,
one of them being a 603 pound squat at a bodyweight of
130 pounds.

You read that correctly.

603 pounds at only 130lbs.

This man’s name is Dr. Judd Biasiatto.

He is one of the most humble and gracious men I have
ever had the pleasure of hearing and meeting.

He spoke for two hours and had us all riveted with
his stories.

I wanted to share with you the TWO major takeaways
for me – or in my case – re-enforcements –

That will IMMEDIATELY help you TODAY -

As in – as soon as in before you even finish this email –

Become more successful not only in your KB training,
but in any and every area in which you apply them.

1. BELIEVE you can do whatever it is you want to

Judd, as he insisted we call him, shared the time-
tested mantra –

“Conceive. Believe. Achieve.”

Sure, you may have heard it before – but here’s why
you may not have succeeded using it or really
take it to heart:

Judd pointed out that most people can think of pretty
much anything, but they get stuck on the “belief”

Here’s the cool thing he shared with us – your brain
cannot distinguish between what you think or envision
v. what you actually do.

In order to squat that 603 pounds Judd shared with
us how he used his mind to do it – envisioning himself –
and every muscle in his body – actually working to hit
that squat.

So, the easiest way to actually achieve your goal is to
envision yourself in your mind doing everything
necessary to achieve it –

AND MORE IMPORTANTLY – achieving it. Step-by-step.

Pretty simple in theory, hard for many of us to do in

Which brings me to the next part –

2. Reverse engineer your goal.

In StrongFirst, we have a system that’s been reverse
engineered from what the greatest do naturally.

And THAT is what Judd said makes the largest, most
seemingly impossible task ACHIEVABLE.

He shared a story with us about his first book.

He was contracted to write his first book of 450 pages
in 2.5 years.

That seemed overwhelming to him.

So he broke it down into small, bite-sized chunks.

Ultimately, he decided that all he had to do was write
7 pages a week – or just one page a day to achieve
his goal.

The outcome?

He finished his book in a year.

You can do the same.

Look at what you want to achieve with your workouts.

1. Write down your goal.
2. Create a realistic deadline.
3. Break the goal down into bite-sized chunks.
4. Write a plan based on your bite-sized chunks, working
backward from your deadline.
5. Work your plan every day.

Pretty simple.

But few rarely achieve what they say they want to achieve
because they’re unwilling to do those two things:

1. Believe that your goal is achievable by envisioning
your success in your mind

2. Reverse engineering your goal into an easy-to-do
plan of action and then take action.

Now admittedly, many of us – maybe even you – don’t
feel like you have the time to sit down and break out
your KB workout goals step-by-step-by-step.

It’s just one more overwhelming thing to add to the
daily and seemingly unending “to-do” list.

That’s why I’ve already done it for you in the “Kettlebell
Burn Inner Circle.”


I’ve already written each workout – day-by-day, week-by-
week for you, month-after-month – for as long as you want
to look, feel, and be awesome.

I’ve put on my thinking cap so you don’t have to.

Want to get leaner?

Check. Already have the programs for you – like “The
Common Sense Fat Loss” program.

Want to turbocharge your conditioning levels?

Check. Already got that done-for-you too in the “Snatch!”

Want to get freaky strong?

Check. Got that for you too with the “Double Your Strength”

Got some aches and cricks you need to get over?

Check. Got some programs for that too like “The Four
Corners” and the “Hybrid Reconstruction” programs.

Everything you want is inside the Inner Circle.

So, you can waste mental RAM trying to figure out how to
reverse engineer this stuff yourself, or you can put that RAM
to use visualizing yourself achieving your goals.

Cause like Judd said, envisioning yourself succeeding is
the most important part.

Make the “doing” part easy by joining the Inner Circle.


Off to work my step-by-step plans…


If you found this email helpful, feel free to help out a friend
or loved one by forwarding it to them.

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