1H Or 2H Or Double Swings?

Got an email from Jeff the other day about 1H swings and
their benefit especially compared to double swings.

Are they “better” than 2 hand swings? Are they better
than double swings?

Is your world going to end if you’re not doing 1H swings?

Or will it end if you’re not doing double swings (you know,
swings with a pair of KBs)?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


Look, there is no “one” swing or type of swing that’s better
than the other. It’s dependent on the goal of the individual
and the situation.

Generally, here’s how we categorize the swing family:

2 Hand Swings:
– Introductory swing
– Two hands on the KB
– Used to teach and re-enforce the hip hinge
– Great stand alone conditioning exercise
– You’d be great if this was the only exercise you ever did
(Well, I’d be bored out of my skull too… but that’s my problem.)
– Can be used for higher reps: 20+

1 Hand Swings:
– Intermediate swing
– Great for building grip strength
– Great for training the abs and posterior chain through the
various fascial sling systems, especially the Posterior Oblique
System, which aids in locomotion
– Also great stand-alone strength and conditioning exercise
– Great prep exercise for Snatch
– Can be used for higher reps: 20+

Double Swings:
– Advanced swing
– Requires great positioning and good understanding of hip
– Requires good hip and ankle mobility
– Builds tremendous hip strength
– Great prep exercise for advanced double KB exercises
– Great total body conditioner
– Extra load builds functional muscle mass in the upper
back and shoulders
– When first learning and implementing, best used for lower
reps: 5-10; Can be used for higher reps as trainee advances


I’m partial to any double KB work.


Because of my Olympic lifting background.

Olympic lifters are some of the, if not the, most powerful
people on the planet.

So it makes good sense then if you want to become
powerful like they are to either

a) learn Olympic lifting (which I don’t recommend if you have
a family or an injury history)


b) use double KBs… Because they’re incredibly low-tech
and have a very short learning curve, unlike Olympic lifting.

Plus, unlike Olympic lifting, you can train both strength
and endurance
. And we all should have a certain amount
of both.

Can you get STRONG using just swings – or “just” double


Imagine if you could do 10 sets of 10 reps of chest high
double swings with a pair of Beasts (48kg each). Or a pair
of 24s for ladies.

You’d be pretty strong in my book (and most other people’s
too I’d wager a guess).

If you want to get REALLY strong and REALLY conditioned,
complete the “One” program, which was designed specifically
to used with double swings.

It will build your strength, then your conditioning.

And you’ll experience “incidental” fat loss.

And it’ll take you no more than 30 minutes a week.

Yes, it’s THAT challenging.

Get your copy here and you’ll see why.

(You’ll also get 3.5 hours of double KB instruction, including
the best way to swing a pair of KBs for the most power.)

Talk soon.


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