#1Tip For More Power AND More Reps On Swings, Snatches, And Cleans

I have to confess, this was a really weird experience
for me.

Partially because I thought my form was fine and partially
because is it just felt… Awkward.

I felt like I was going to fall over backwards.

Here’s what I did –

I was doing “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” last summer
and I decided to do the ballistics on my porch.

Now here’s the thing with my [old] porch:

It slopes downhill about 5-10 degrees away from the

So, I faced the house uphill and did all my ballistics.

Like I said, I felt like I was going to fall backwards at

But here’s what I noticed:

It allowed me to really wedge into my set up position –
my start position. Which was weird, because I thought
I had a pretty good set up.

(Apparently it was lacking.)

It also put a bigger stretch on the hammies and hips
on the backswing, creating a faster, more powerful
upswing on the cleans and swings.

And weirdly enough, because of this, I also got more
reps than I normally would.


Probably because of the pre-stretch on the calf complex.

Now I’m not suggesting you train uphill all the time. For
me it was just an experiment – something that helped my
hips. It also helped me refine my technique – giving me
insights I didn’t have before.

And that brings me to my point – the #1tip that will add
increase your power and add more reps to any of your

It’s All About Your Set Up

You have to know what the best set up is.

Not the best set up for you, but the best set up period.

Sure, we all have different leg, arm, and torso lengths,
but there is one “best” set up for everyone that will maximize
your power output and add reps on to your sets – effortlessly.

Remember Newton’s Law – “for every action there is an
equal and opposite reaction.”

So, in order to really maximize your power output, you
have to make sure you fully load the hips, while putting
the rest of the body in a position strong enough to
maintain your hip drive.

Here’s what that’s NOT –

– It’s NOT “neutral spine”

– It’s NOT a “packed neck”

– It’s NOT following the bells with your eyes

– And it’s more than “eyes on the horizon” (Although that’s
a diggety-dang good start!)

If you’d like to know EXACTLY how to set up your ballistics
– especially your double kettlebell ballistics – to instantly
increase your power output and therefore your reps –

I cover it in detail in “Kettlebell STRONG!” – a must for any
one serious about their kettlebell training.

The cool thing about getting the set up right is that it
makes anything overhead – like presses, push presses, or
jerks – feel that much easier.

So it’s like getting two bangs for the same buck so-to-

Get your set up (and everything else) right with “Kettlebell
STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


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