2 KB Training Secrets From World Record Holding Powerlifting Champ

I wanted to get this out to you yesterday, but really didn’t
have the time or energy.

Literally been “on the road” almost literally for the last 2

Flew to England Sunday night – arrived on Monday. Spent
most of the day getting from the airport to my parents’ house.

Then yesterday, I traveled from East Anglia to West Yorkshire
by car – about 7.5 hours round trip – to see my friend Elliot.

While there, I met with and trained a legend in the powerlifting

(I’m not going to “name drop” right now – I might tell you more
about him and our meeting in a future email.)

And incidentally, he uses KBs in his training.

First, he uses his KBs to support his conditioning for the
crane-sized weights he hoists. They allow him to keep his
conditioning up and recover between workouts and on
meet day when his competitors are lying on the floor after
attempts hooked up to oxygen masks. (Seriously.)

So, if your goal is to get really, really strong, KBs can help
you in that endeavor –

Secret #1: KBs support, promote, and enhance your recovery
process between workouts and even when competing.

Second, when discussing his technique, he stated that his
deadlift technique and swing technique were identical.

Every single rep of his deadlift was the same.

And every single rep of his swings were the same.




Secret #2: To get really strong, or even really conditioned,
you must make every rep the feel the same.

In other words:

You MUST prioritize your technique.

This makes your “groove” more efficient, allowing you to
lift more weight, and do more work.

And more importantly, this efficiency allows you to do
more HIGH QUALITY work.

And that’s the secret to hoisting heavy weights OR doing
even burning off body fat –

Technical Proficiency = Highly Efficenct Force Production
= Faster Results.

Regardless of your goal, if you want to succeed in your
quest for personal improvement and even greatness,
you MUST spend time learning and focusing on your

ESPECIALLY if you’re using a pair of KBs.

That’s why I created the 3.5+ hour, 2 DVD set, “Kettlebell

In it, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know about
safely and effectively using a pair of KBs for maximum
physical development.

Not only that, I’ve written an 89-page book to accompany
it that includes common mistakes when performing the
double KB lifts, how to correct them, and how to eliminate
any weaknesses causing those mistakes.

Refine your technique, maximize your strength and conditioning:

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Gotta run – errands to do and back on the road tomorrow to
Prague, Czech Republic. “Kettlebell STRONG!” workshop
Friday night, Original Strength Foundations Level 1 on
Saturday and Sunday – gonna be fun!

Talk soon.


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