2 Q’s You Need To Ask Yourself About Your Workouts In Order To Succeed

I had a great coaching call with a private client last night.

She had been a hardcore MetCon fanatic before she
experienced adrenal burnout and her body literally crashed.

It was right about that time we started our coaching relationship.

It’s been a long haul for her, but she has everything pretty
much firing on all cylinders and life is good.

We had to change the way she viewed and structured her
workouts – in a manner in which she wasn’t accustomed, but
in a way she could easily measure her progress and therefore
her results.

Now, she’s finally healthy enough and strong enough, by
her own estimation, to start doing the MetCon workouts that
she loves so much.

To get to to this place in life, she had to ask herself two hard
questions everyone serious about her training / workouts that
everyone who’s serious about making gains of any kind has
to ask themselves, including you.

Before I tell you what they are, I want you to know that I’ve
been in the same situation myself, so I’m not pointing fingers

Here’s something that might shock you:

When I wrote my book, “Kettlebell Muscle” in 2009, I
couldn’t do the workouts.

My body just wasn’t capable. I had to have others test drive
the program before I released it.

Same thing when I released “Kettlebell Burn” in 2010.

I couldn’t survive the programming. My body was in a bad,
bad place. Again I had to have others test drive it for me.

By 2012 when I released “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”
I had finally put myself back together again (unlike Humpty
Dumpty) and could actually test drive that program myself.

Instead of falling apart, I thrived and made amazing progress
on a 6-day a week, complicated program.

So trust me, the advice I’m about to share with you I’ve
had to take and use myself.

Here are the questions.

Ignoring them literally will determine your success or failure
to achieve your goal – whatever it is – strength, fat loss,


Am I really capable physically and emotionally to perform
this set of workouts right now, based on my body’s current
ability, my current stress levels, and my available time or
is it wishful thinking?

Let’s break that down for a minute.

I’m notorious for choosing hard, demanding, high frequency
programs when life seems the most stressful. (Or at least
I used to.)

Every time I either failed to complete the program because
my schedule just was too full to get the workouts done or
because my stress levels were so high, I couldn’t adequately
recover and I’d get sick or injured.

So, if life is great and you feel great and your stress levels
are low, then a high frequency, somewhat complicated
program might work for you – especially if your personality
is suited for that sort of thing.

Conversely, other times in my life, like during the first year
of my son’s life, I chose short, easy, “underachiever”
workout programs –

Ones that I knew without a shadow of a doubt I could complete
with little sleep and would keep up with my demanding
work schedule.

The result was that I thrived and despite high stress and
little sleep, I made tangible progress in strength and managed
to get leaner at a time in life when most people get fatter.

So, what’s your schedule like?

What are your stress levels like?

And do your workouts reflect those questions?

If you’re not making progress and seeing the results you’d
like, you’re probably on the wrong program.


Am I lying to myself right now?


Read that again and ask yourself that question again.

Are you overestimating your abilities?

Many of us do.

And we pay for it.

Many times dearly.

Constant lack of progress.

Resulting in frustration.

And in worse case scenarios – self-sabotage.

“Screw it, this program doesn’t seem to be working so I’ll just
have these donuts anyway.”

Therefore, if you really want to make measurable – and more
importantly – consistent progress –

Then you have to answer these questions honestly.

To recap:

If you fail to accurately assess your current situation, you
will fail to see progress, and languish in frustration, self-sabotage,
and there’s a good possibility that you’ll just quit.

If you’re currently stressed out and have very little time to
workout but still want to see results – quick, measurable, long-
lasting, sustainable results –

Then get a copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” today.

Inside you’ll find a strength program – the “STRONG!” program,
which you can do in as little as 40 minutes a week (if you
train 2x a week)…

And you’ll find the “One” program – a conditioning program
that you can do in as little 30 minutes a week, training just
3x a week.

Accurately assess your situation.

Start getting results with “Kettlebell STRONG!” today. 

Talk soon.


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