2 Quick “Hacks” For FASTER Fat Loss…

I resisted the urge to slam on the brakes.

A deluge of water dumped on my windshield as my right front tire sloughed through the slush on the side of the road.

Automatically I flipped on my wipers and rounded the corner without the truck so much as even sliding.

The other cars around me were all creeping along at a snail’s pace.

Not me.

My “secret?”

It was threefold:

1. An old truck. Something I wasn’t concerned about banging up.
2. The knowledge, desire, and confidence to drive in the snow. I LIKE driving in the snow. (Weird, I know.)
3. 4-Wheel drive.

You might consider them “hacks.”

They enable me to drive with certainty on ice, snow, and slush. Uphill, downhill, wherever.

“Hacks” – or perceived “shortcuts” aren’t really shortcuts at all.

They’re just pieces of knowledge that lay hidden to most of the general population.

Here are 2 quick “hacks” to use with your KB workouts for faster fat loss.

How much faster?

I wish I could tell you something like “10x your results” or “75% increase” but the truth is, they’re dependent upon you and what you’re already doing.

The other somewhat inconvenient truth is, you may even know these – yet you’re NOT DOING THEM.

So, if you find you know them – make sure you’re actually DOING them.

HACK #1: Ballistics – EXPLODE! On EVERY Rep!

Whether you’re swinging, cleaning, or snatching – make the concentric phase – the part of the lift from where the KB is underneath your body to the “end” of that rep – whether chest height, in the rack, or fixed overhead – as EXPLOSIVE as possible.

This happens in ONE instant – BAM!

Like a vertical jump.

Like a Thunderclap.


Explosive reps have been shown to increase insulin sensitivity so which means you can use and tolerate more carbohydrates instead of storing them as fat.

But again, the KEY here is being EXPLOSIVE.

And remember – W = F*D.

Work = Force * Distance.

You’ll do more work if you increase your force output.

And more work performed equals more calories burned.

Which brings me to…

HACK #2: Grinds – CRUSH! The KB Handle On EVERY Rep!

For some reason, it’s very easy to get distracted by the weight – the size of the KB in your hand on your Presses or Squats.

And by focusing on the weight, instead of managing the weight, many times you get owned.

You miss the lift or you get injured.

Instead, focus on CRUSHING the handle(s) on each and every rep.

This causes “irradiation” to occur – other muscles in your body “join in” to help complete the lift.

Pavel first introduced this idea to the strength world in general in his book, Power To The People, back in 2000.

It was such a revolutionary idea that many people have completely forgotten about it. :-)

When you crush the handle on, say, a Press, the muscles in your forearms, upper arms, your lats, abs, gluts, and even your legs contract to a certain extent.

Again, these extra contractions – mean your body is doing more work.

And remember what we said about doing more work?

Yeah… That.

Attendees at my “Kettlebell STRONG!” workshops are always amazed at how something as simple as this (and the other cues we layer in for strength) take so much energy and make them breathe so hard.

Now the cool thing about these 2 Hacks is you can do them TODAY and see a MAJOR difference in not only your performance, but your energy output.

Play with those and get back to me with your results.

Gonna run.

Stay Strong.

P.S. I’m not sure when my next state-side “Kettlebell STRONG!” workshop is. I know I’ll be doing one in Italy in September.

If you want to learn the cues I teach the attendees that not only immediately increase their strength levels, but also increase energy output (a.k.a. calories burned) then get yourself a copy of the 2-DVD set an 89-page 8×11 book that make up the “Kettlebell STRONG!” set here.

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