20 Minute Bodyweight Workouts That Burn Off MUCHO Fatto

Got a TON of emails yesterday about that bodyweight
workout – seems a lot of people are ready to switch
gears and get a season of bodyweight training done.

The #1 question I got: “What’s a ‘pump’?”

Simple –

Assume a push up position.

Now hinge at the hips and push your butt up into the
sky and tuck your head between your shoulders.
You should look like an upside down V.

Now look up and drop your hips to the floor and
squeeze your glutes. Your head is up and your butt
is down, supporting your weight between your toes
and your hands – with straight arms.

Look over your right shoulder and exhale. Look
over your left shoulder and exhale. Now push your
hips back up in the air.

So give those a shot.

Anyway, as you know, I’m a BIG fan of bodyweight
workouts. I think they’re the PERFECT compliment
to your kettlebells.

In fact, you probably should even spend some time
every once in awhile learning how to “master” your
own bodyweight.

In fact, my current program has 4 segments of
bodyweight training in it.


Cause that’s what my body likes. :-)

That’s one of the things keeping me strong and

But I guarantee you wouldn’t like my bodyweight

Too boring.

Yeah, yeah, I know – I’ve railed against using
workouts as entertainment, but let’s just call it like
it is for a minute –

If you think something’s boring or that it sucks, how
likely are you going to be to keep doing it?

Answer: Not likely.

That’s why over the past couple of weeks I’ve
enlisted the help of my buddy Adam Steer.

Adam is a “bodyweight guy” – but he also understands
kettlebells too – he’s an AKC coach.

So he agreed to help me out and do a special deal
for my subscribers – he put his “Bodyweight Burn”
(cool name, huh?) on sale for me (you guys really)
cause I told him it’d really benefit you.

The best part?

They’re only about 20 minutes. (Man, it’s like Adam
was reading my mind – first the “Burn” thing and then
time-efficient workouts… LOL.)

Anyway, the whole point of these things are short,
time-efficient, bodyweight workouts that will help
you burn fat – lots of fat.

Check them out here:


Anyway, what I really like about his program is that
it’s very “developmentally sound” – meaning – it’s
not only going to help you shed unwanted body fat –

It’ll also make you stronger in the process.

It’ll work on your reflexive strength – your foundational
strength – while helping you burn fat at the same time
WITHOUT creating compensations and dysfunctions
in the process, like so many other bodyweight programs

It’s actually pretty ingenious.

And these aren’t your standard ol’ bodyweight workouts

Some of the exercises I’d never seen before.

But they made me breath pretty hard while doing them.

Check them out here:


Talk soon.


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