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[FULL KB PROGRAM INSIDE] Boost Your Power With These Workouts

Hopefully you got a chance to put those 3 Sneaky Swing Power Tactics to the test yesterday. I’ve been working on my Swing a little bit lately and when I switched over to Snatches last night – they just FLEW right up. The cool part was I was barely even breathing hard. Anyway, here’s a […]

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3 Sneaky Swing Power Tactics…

Everyone wants a more powerful Swing and if you don’t, then you should. Why? Because more power = more strength. More power = more calories burned. More power = more awesome you. Simple, right? Now do you want a more powerful Swing? Of course you do. Everyone responds to different cues, so here are some […]

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The 3 Cs Of “Cattle-Ball” Training…

Happy Friday to you! It’s amazing how popular these new “Cattle-balls” are – there in all the regular stores now like the “Big W” and that fancy French store – Tar-jey… Funny, because they’re perceived as “magic” – but they’re not – at least not while they sit in the box or on your basement […]

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