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RE: That “Crunchy” Noise In Your Joints…

Most of us either have it or have had it at one point in our lives – Yeah, that annoying “crunchy” sound in your knees as you squat, walk up the stairs, etc. Or in your shoulders when you Press… Or even in your elbows when you do Pull-ups… My knees used to “crunch” all […]

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A Simple “Trick” To Gain Strength On Your Press

Ahhh… the Press. The Measuring Stick of Manhood… and the Fear of Females… (until they do it). Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to have stalled out their Presses. They press and press and press and press and just don’t seem to get anywhere – at least not to where they want to go. Try […]

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I Just Saw The Most Amazing Thing…

So I’m driving over to my studio to get some work done and I pass this guy on a bicycle. Only he looked, well, weird. I thought he might be screwing around… But I don’t think he was. His head was hanging off to his left hand side, basically resting on his left shoulder. And […]

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