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How To Workout When You’re Sick… (Print And Save)

Speaking of sick – sorry I haven’t been up on my emails this week. My wife’s been incredibly sick all week and I’ve been helping out with the kids. Many of us wonder if we should train when we’re sick – Feeling “under the weather.” It depends on how you define “sick.” My answer is […]

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Weekend Workout # 59 (+ Video Update)

Been a fast-paced and hectic week for me. Hope it was a good one for you. If for some reason, time got the best of you and you missed some workouts – don’t beat yourself up. Just jump back in the game with today’s (or tomorrow’s) 20 minute workout. 1. Set your timer for 20 […]

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How Do YOU Define “Strong?” (Not What You Think)

I appreciate all the feedback from Monday’s email about video or email – or both. Surprisingly the results were about 50/50, with some people being pretty specific. “Kivigoldis” had a great question which I thought was great and worth digging into. Here it is:             What’s my definition of a […]

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