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Hey – happy “hump day.” It’s midweek once again, and I thought I’d do something special for you to help you slide into the weekend. First, a quick public service announcement. I stopped by my video guy’s place yesterday and he informed me that all the major editing is done for “The Big 6” video […]

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It’s All About CONTROL (Do You Agree?)

Do you ever get angry? You know, for no particular reason? Say your wife or significant other asks you do something and for no good reason your temper flares? Then you think to yourself, “Where in the world did THAT come from?” Yeah, me too. (Although certainly less now in my 40s than in my […]

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“Saturday Morning Special” [WORKOUT]

Real quick Saturday workout for you today just in case you missed any this week or want something “extra” cause you have some extra energy. (Funny, as I write this, I have Lynard Skynard’s “Saturday Night Special” song playing in my head. Don’t ask me why…) The “Special” is such because you’re gonna refine your […]

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