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BONUS 1: “The MKM RFL Accelerator White Paper”

3 tweaks that you can add to your MKM programs with
barely any extra effort that will help you lose up to another
pound (maybe more) each week.

BONUS 2: “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”

I can’t believe I’m offering the BEST Rapid Fat Loss
program ever designed to be used with kettlebells –
I’m just GIVING it to you. Why? Because I insist you
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BONUS 3: “The Olympic Rapid Fat Loss” Program

This is the program that started it all – the one that
got me down to 3.3% bodyfat and the one that showed
me the power of manipulating specific training variables
for Rapid Fat Loss.

This is Olympic lift based – so if you ever use a barbell
you’ll LOVE this!

BONUS 4: “The Rutgers Files”

These are the complexes I used with the Rutgers
Wrestling team when I was a strength and conditioning
coach at Rutgers University.

These will make you wicked strong while stripping
the fat off your body – RFL style.

BONUS 5: “The 24 Hour Diet”

Ever fall of your diet? Who hasn’t? Not anymore. This is
how I’ve been keeping my abs lately.

Based off research on 3 specific amino acids, this will
combat stress, reduce inflammation, and make “dieting”
simple, easy, manageable, and most importantly –

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P.S. Ok, you can wait if you want to – but you’ll pay full
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