24 Hours Left

Hey – just wanted to let you know that there’s only
just over 24 hours left to get your copy of “Kettlebell

I’ll be closing down the cart at Midnight on Saturday


So if you’ve been on the fence, don’t straddle it for
too much longer. You might slip and fall right in the
middle – and that could be painful. ;-)

Seriously though, get your copy before Midnight
Saturday. I’ll be taking the salespage down and you’ll
miss out on learning how to get as strong as an ox
(oxeye?) using double KBs.


I don’t know if I’ll sell this product again. At least not
anytime soon. (Although I have JV partners bugging
me to get in on this. I told them “no” – this is just for
my faithful readers – at least for now.)


Don’t miss out.

To your strongest year ever,


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