3 “Basics” You Must Master To Get Stronger



I want something advanced – advanced = exciting and


Uh… not exactly.

It’s been said that elite athletes are the ones who have
mastered the basics.

Think about how many foul shots Michael Jordan practiced.

Or how many shots on goal Wayne Gretzky took.

Or how many passes Joe Montana threw.

You get the picture.

Now you may not be interested in ever becoming an elite
athlete – but this still applies to you if you want to get

Or leaner.

(Yes, the two are related and no matter what the
latest, most popular late night infomercial exercise
guru tells you.)

So where do you start?

And what’s the most basic of the basics?



Don’t worry – here’s a video I made for you about it.

This is arguably THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you’ll ever
learn about KB training, apart from the Swing, in my
ever-so-humble opinion.

Get this right – really, really OWN it, and pretty
much everything else you do will become A LOT easier.

Watch the video here.

What about the other 2 basics?

We’ll cover those later this week.

Talk soon.


P.S. This video may be review for you. That’s ok –
remember – revisit and practice the basics frequently
instead of looking for the next big thing – and you –
like the elite athletes – will get that much better –
that much stronger, that much leaner.

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