3 Controversial “Tricks” To Improve Your Press… (Part 1)

… or heck, ANY overhead work.

Come to think of it, these 3 “tricks” will vastly improve all
your kettlebell lifting and fast track your results.

And, nope, it may not be what you think.

It’s not the video I made a couple of years ago with
those really cool cues.

This is all new and like Monty Python says, “something
completely different.”

Here’s what it is:

1. Strengthen your neck, especially extension.

I gotta tell you, I’ve just about had it with all these
experts running around screaming that everyone’s
neck is in hyperextension.

Look, your neck is supposed to be able to extend
(bend backwards).

It’s DESIGNED to do that.

Extension doesn’t mean HYPERextension.

(Hyperextension is where you get too much movement –
too much extension at one or a group of joints in the
neck. And when you see it, it’s pretty obvious.)

The problem is most people have very little control
over this motion – neck extension – because they:

– never train it
– sit all day so their heads are stuck protruding

So actually training neck extension pulls your head
back on top of your body.

This aligns your body (remember, your body follows
your head) and reduces strain on all the joints in
your body.

For example, when your head protrudes forward
because you have a weak neck , then your shoulders
roll forward, and your t-spine starts to lock down.

This means it’s harder to put your arm straight up
over your head without hyperextending your lower

It also means you’re going to have a harder time
engaging your lat when you press.

And you’re also going to stand a greater chance
of getting a rotator cuff impingement.

And finally, and here’s the part that most people
don’t get – improving the strength of your neck and
getting it to sit naturally on top of your body will
actually increase your grip strength almost automatically –

Because when your neck is weak, your head
protrudes forward and this decreases the space
between your cervical vertebrae increasing the
pressure on your nerve roots.

And your hands, and therefore their strength
are innervated by your cervical nerves.

And compression on the nerves decreases the
neural drive, or signal, to your hands…

… and shoulder muscles…

… your lats…

… and therefore your Press.

Now of course many people know the mechanics
behind some of this stuff, but in my humble, observable,
and repeatable opinion they go about correcting
this issue by starting in the wrong place.

They ignore the neck altogether and they start
at the t-spine. Or the shoulder.

Or the feet or the hips. Or, or, or…

Think about it for a second:

If your body is designed to follow your head,
doesn’t it make good sense that correcting the
issues at the top will have a bigger impact then
starting elsewhere?

It sure does.

That’s why we start with this in the Inner Circle.

And that’s why people like Maria say things like

“The SMC exercises are joint friendly and really
help my neck as I get stiff from a cervical fusion I
had 10 years ago. I do the neck rolling every
night on my bed before I go to sleep and wake
up without the usual stiffness.

Geoff, I have to tell you that your program is the
first program that I have followed from month to
month. The other programs I have tried have either
hurt my body or just got boring and felt repetitive
without progress. I actually did a big fist pump
after my last session as I rocked the 20lb, 10kg
and brought out my 12kg for some extra 2 Handed
swings. Man did that feel great!!!” – Maria Welters

Wouldn’t you like to improve your Press strength
with as little effort as necessary?

You can when you join the “Kettlebell Burn Inner
Circle” today.


You’ll get started right away with “The Four Corners”
program, which, along with the SMC, which will
help you improve your Press without much pressing.


Tomorrow, we’ll cover the 2nd controversial “trick”
that will help improve your Press.

Talk soon.


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