3 Dirty Rotten Kettlebell Myths

I don’t know how these got started, but their
nasty, dirty, myths about KBs that I’ve just
about had enough of… time to put these
suckers to bed!

Here they are in all their filthiness
(Hold your nose cause they stink!)

#1 – “Kettlebells are a “strength-endurance” tool”

Ha! People who say this are either ignorant
or just got done studying for they’re
Strength Coach test and want to throw around
new terms that they just learned – like
“strength endurance.”

This comes from the false belief that everyone
using kettlebells is using the light ones
and that they’re only doing high reps with

(You know how I feel about high reps…)

Here’s a challenge for all the newbie Strength
Coaches out there – go grab not one, but TWO
48kg kettlebells and do 1 – just 1 Clean &
Press with them.

I’ll wait…

Ok, still wanna talk about kettlebells being
a “strength endurance” tool?

The TRUTH is a KB is just a weight – and it’s
size is relative to the person using it. What’s
heavy for you may be light for me and vice
versa – and that’s even dependent on the exercise.

You can use the KB – any size KB – to do anything
you want with it.

I’d say that if you could Snatch a 48kg 20 times
each hand without putting that puppy down you’d
be strong AND have good endurance.

#2 – “Kettlebells are ALL you need.”

Uh… no.

“ALL” you need is your body – otherwise you’d
have been born with a kettlebell attached to your
backside, Bubba.

KBs are awesome, but for convenience sake and
ease of use, NOTHING beats bodyweight training.

Don’t believe me?

How many one-arm push-ups can you do?

Pistols? (Without holding on to a KB – that’s

Ok, I’ll let you slide – just go do a one-arm
chin for me.

Again, I’ll wait…

Ok, ridiculous, right?

But that doesn’t mean you should give up your
kettlebell work in favor of bodyweight training.

No, do the two together.

From my own practice and training I’ve found that
the two compliment each other nicely – VERY NICELY.

In fact, properly practicing KB training the
way we teach it at the RKC can improve your
bodyweight training.

Pavel once told me that there are several RKCs
who have achieved one-arm Pull Ups from training
the KB Press but practicing RKC methods.

In other words, they were focused on body mastery
and applying that to the KB and THAT carried
over to the OAPU.

3 – “Barbells are better than KBs for building
mass and max strength.”

This one makes me mad – so very mad.

I spent most of my life under a barbell so I
know what I’m talking about here.

Listen to me very, very closely, the barbell is
a TOOL. The kettlebell is a TOOL.

It’s how you use the TOOL that makes ALL the
difference in the world!

That’s what loading parameters are for – sets,
reps, rest periods, exercise selection, that
sort of thing – THOSE are what “build” strength
and muscle mass.

Don’t believe me?

Go grab a copy of my book “Kettlebell Muscle”
and take the program for a spin.

You’ll hate my guts but you’ll pack on about one
pound of muscle per week only working out about
an hour a week.

Not a bad little return on investment there, is

If you don’t want to do that, go do 5 sets of
10 reps of Clean & Push Presses with a pair of
40kg KBs and tell me how you feel afterwards.

I bet you’ll be all swoled up n stuff afterwards.

Speaking of sets, reps, rest, and exercise selection,
for strength, mass, and strength-endurance, you can
get over 49 DIFFERENT KB Programs (not just workouts)
by grabbing a copy of “Kettlebell Express!”


You’ll be able to use your kettlebell to do anything
you want with it.

Talk soon.


P.S. There are a bunch of other myths out there
too but it’s no use focusing on the negative –

Instead do something constructive and get some
honest to goodness REAL kettlebell programs here.


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