3 Hacks To Burning Fat And Getting Stronger Faster W/ Your KBs

Hope you had a great weekend.

I did.

Had a “sleepover” with my son on Saturday night. He and
I slept in the basement in the guest bedroom. That boy
definitely takes after his mother – he sprawls. Woke up
several times with a foot in my ribs. Too funny…

Saturday morning I met up with a small group of guys,
led by 2 former Army members and learned some combatives.
Very reminiscent of my time as a wrestler.

Only got winded once – after going for about 3 minutes or
so of drilling.

Pretty cool.

Probably from all the OS and KB work I’ve done. OS because
now my body isn’t working against itself, and the KB work –

Well because it just “hardens” you all over. Makes you
stronger – not only the bigger muscles, but the littler ones

However, my results aren’t typical.

Why not?

Because honestly, most people are wasting a good portion
of their time using their KBs.

Hopefully, that’s not you – but chances are better than good
that they are.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but these are things
issues we/ I have to clean up every time I’ve ever taught
at an RKC, SFG, or run my own workshops.

And if many of these people are going to be instructors, or
are already teaching others – such as yourself – and they’re
getting these things wrong –

Then by default you are too.

So let’s cover these 3 “hacks,” which are upon closer inspection,
fundamentals for highly effective kettlebell training.

What’s highly effective kettlebell training?

KB training that gets you the results you’re looking for:

– Faster fat loss

– Faster strength gains

We’ll cover the first one today and then the next two over the
subsequent two days.

HACK #1: Competing Against Yourself (Rather than Others)

I come from a background of individual sports: Wrestling and
Olympic Weightlifting.

In wrestling, you compete against opponents, but you really
compete against yourself.

Do you have the confidence in your abilities to exert your
will on your opponent, or are you going to just stand there
and take what he dishes out to you?

Literally, the man with the stronger will or desire will win.

Olympic Weightlifting is similar.

Sure, you compete against others in the same weight class,
but ultimately, it comes down to you and the bar. Have you
the ability to pick that weight up and put it over your head?

Or not.

KB lifting is the same, regardless of your goal.

You need an internal drive.

You need to be able to set a baseline.

First, here’s what else:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re first
starting out with your KBs is competing against others –
especially if you’re taking one of those KB classes.


We’ll get more into that tomorrow, but suffice to say, it has
the potential to get you injured.

Second, here’s why you need to set a baseline:

It allows you a standard to measure your progress and
refer back to so you can actually see that you’re making

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen in KB programming
is using “traditional” strength and conditioning protocols for
the ballistic exercises.

You know – the old 3×15 with 60 seconds rest.

Because the KB ballistics play by different rules – there’s
very little mechanical tension on your muscles compared
to something like a pull up, you can and ultimately should be
doing lots of reps.

How many is “lots?”

Well 100 will do just fine.

To start.

And if you can’t get there, just get where you can get to.


There’s the baseline.

And when you reach the baseline, you have to be able to
figure out a way to make even more progress –

To compete against yourself to get better and better…

To do more work so you can lose more fat or get stronger –
or BOTH.

There are lots of ways to do this, but my favorite is simply to
do more work in the same or less time.

That’s the ultimate way to compete with / against yourself,
especially with the ballistics.

If you’re not doing this, you’re leaving some major results on
the table.

What’s the best template to use to do this?

That’s a great question.

It’s a “trade secret” my friend. ;-)

But I’ve included it inside the “One” program.

Here’s a hint though: It’s “only” 10 minutes, but it’ll challenge
you to challenge yourself each and every workout.

Best part is, you can do it over and over and over and over
again – challenging yourself more and more and more each
time you do it.

You can get it as part of the “Kettlebell STRONG!” package,
which coincidentally, will also teach you the other 2 hacks
we’ll be covering throughout the week.

If that sounds like something you want, get your copy here.

Talk soon.


P.S. Today’s “hack” is really dependent on the other 2 hacks, so
make sure you check your email the next couple of days so
you get them too.

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