3 Hidden Obstacles Sabotaging Your Results…

I had a GREAT conversation with a very good friend this
past weekend.

He’s recently started making some great progress in his
training again, after being plagued with reoccurring
injuries for the last decade or so.

Now he’s still not perfect, (Ha! Who is?) and he never will
be because he’s had some major joint destroying injuries.
But he’s moving forward.

And he will always do so.

He NEVER gives up, which is one of the things I admire about
him – He just won’t quit no matter the circumstances. He finds
a way to keep going and to keep getting stronger – even though
“stronger” may take on different meanings in different seasons.

And that got me to thinking, which admittedly, can be quite
dangerous – LOL.

Why is it that some of us can keep going like the Terminator,
and others get distracted like a kid with ADD in a house full
of mirrors?

After some serious thought, I think I’ve identified 3 Hidden
Obstacles that are secretly sabotaging your results.

Obstacle #1: Distraction

Let me ask you a question – How many times a day do you
check your email?

(Don’t worry, you’ll see how this ties into your workouts here
in a second.)

Productivity experts say that one of the WORST things to
ever happen to productivity was email and the alarms
that go off on your computer when you get a new one.


“You’ve got mail.”

It’s always exciting to see an email from one of your friends.

It’s downright hilarious when you get those funny pictures
in your inbox.

And it’s sometimes frustrating to get those last minute emails
from your boss or colleague about that project that needs
to be done and isn’t.

The problem is, as these productivity experts point out is that
every time you check your email, it takes your brain 15 to 20
minutes to “reboot” – to reload your attention – to put it back
on the task at hand.

Do this multiple times per day, and it’s easy to see how you
can waste hours of your time.

But that’s not the real problem.

The real problem is that you program your brain to look for
something “new” every so often – and this spills over into
other areas of your life –

Whether it’s holding a conversation with someone or –

And here’s the part that matters to us -

Your workouts.

See, your workouts just don’t “feel” right. Maybe they’re not

So you look for something “new.”

The problem is, every time you change your workout, you
appease your immediate desire for something new, but
there’s a better than good chance that you’re moving away
from your goal.

It’s a case of mistaking re-organization or movement as

That leads us to our next Hidden Obstacle…

Obstacle #2: Discouragement

This is borne out of Obstacle #1.

And more often than not, it’s because, as I mentioned –

You are mistaking re-organization – the movement that comes
from change – from “new” – as progress.

The more things change, the harder it is to track them – the
harder it is to measure progress.

That’s why it’s always best to change one variable at a time
in your own workouts.

(That’s why it’s best to never design your own workouts but
to always follow one that’s professionally written – cause how
do you know which variable to change?)

So after weeks of constantly changing your workouts to
satisfy your need for something new, because you’ve trained
your brain to have a short attention span, you wake up
looking exactly the same way you did or with the same
strength levels you did 3 months ago.

This leads to disappointment, frustration, and feelings
of failure, dismay, even hopelessness.

But these can easily be avoided just by being consistent.

Pick your program and be consistent.

Do it every time you’re supposed to do it, whether you feel
like it or not.

Whether you’re “bored” or not.

Consistency beats up disappointment every time.

Except in one case, which brings us to our next Hidden

Obstacle #3: Doing The Wrong Things

Sometimes you can have all the focus and consistency in
the world and still not get the results you’re looking for.

Why’s that happen?

Cause you’re just plain old doing the wrong things.

Cases in point:

You want to lose weight but you’re unwilling to cut your

Or –

You want to get stronger but the bulk or your workouts are
made up of “MetCon.”

Which brings up another great point -

I firmly believe that there isn’t anything that can’t be
accomplished physically by becoming stronger.

- Trying to lose weight?

Getting stronger allows you to burn more calories both
while working out and at rest.

- Need to improve your conditioning?

Getting stronger allows you to do more work in the same
or less amount of time.

This makes the heavier bells feel lighter and the lighter
bells feel downright easy.

One of the critical elements to getting stronger, besides
lifting heavy (for you) weights is –


… And knowing the proper techniques to accelerate your
strength results.

Technique is a must.

And the best resource I know for not only getting stronger
but using the proper technique is “Kettlebell STRONG!“.

When you focus on getting strong using proper technique,
you’ll find that it removes ALL THREE Hidden Obstacles -

1. You won’t be Distracted, cause you’ll know exactly what
you should be doing at all times -

AND you’re mind will be satisfied because you’ll be fully
engaged in your training.

2. You’ll no longer be Disappointed.

You’ll know exactly what to do when and how often AND
will be able to measure your progress and therefore
your results.

Visible results = Satisfaction.

3. You’ll be Doing the Right Things to reach your goals.

When you focus on getting stronger using the correct
techniques, you’ll being doing more of the appropriate
work at the appropriate times.

This means that you’ll see your body get leaner and better
conditioned almost automatically.


That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

“Kettlebell STRONG!” is the closest thing I know of to make
this a reality.

Get your copy here and demolish your obstacles once and
for all.

Talk soon.


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