3 Most Productive Kettlebell Exercises?

I’m not sure about you, but I’m BIG into productivity.

I DESPISE wasting time.

It’s the most precious thing I have because I want to spend it
doing the things I love with the people I love the most –

My family.

So I’m not one for fluff and filler.

I like my programs minimalist.

I want to get in, get out, and get results.

How about you?

So here’s what I’ve come with as the 3 most PRODUCTIVE –
as in “biggest-bang-for-your-buck” KB exercises.

(And, you might be surprised at these.)

#1 – The Swing

This one was kind of obvious, wasn’t it?

After all, it’s THE foundation for all kettlebell training.

It’s the easiest to learn and the easiest to make significant
total body progress on – especially for increased strength-
endurance and fat loss.

You’ll need a good solid diet of Swings – all different variations –
2 hand, 1 hand, and high Swings to get to #2 –

#2 – The Snatch

Called the Tsar of the Kettlebell Lifts, the Snatch is downright
brutal done for any number of reps with significant weight –

A 24kg or heavier for mean and a 16kg or heavier for women.

It literally builds every part of your body –

– Grip strength
– Increased heart and lung conditioning and capacity
– Strips off body fat like Sherman through Georgia (Sorry my
Southern friends…)
– And even increases things absolute strength like deadlifts
and Pull Ups

Think of it as an intermediate exercise – a stepping stone between
#1 and #3 – but a MASSIVE stepping stone – one that can be
jumped on, picnicked upon, and camped out on for a long,
long time.

Some would argue that #3 should come before #2 and is even
sometimes used as a teaching progression for #2 –

#3 – The Clean + Jerk / Clean + Push Press

This is a great exercise with a single KB, but in my estimation
this really comes to life when you’re using a pair of KBs.

Amazing things happen to the body, especially when done for
any sort of volume.

As hard as the Snatch is, the double Clean + Jerk / Clean +
Push Press makes the Snatch feel like a walk in the park.

It’s really THAT powerful on the body.

(I’m using the Jerk and the Push Press here interchangeably
because many people don’t have the capability [yet] to do
solid Jerks.)

If there was ONE exercise you forced me to limit myself to, it
would be this one.

(Probably the Clean + Push Press because the PP is more “grindy” –

It’s a quasi-ballistic – meaning – it’s a mix of both a ballistic and
a grind.)


Again because of the immense systemic effect on your body.

The Clean + Jerk/ Clean + Push Press does everything the
Snatch does but at that proverbial “next level” that everyone
always says they want to get to

Here’s one thing you may not have noticed:

These 3 exercises are kettlebell BALLISTICS.

There aren’t any grinds in here.

(I’m sorry, Press. I love you, I really do, but I can perform you
with my other friend, the barbell.)

And that’s one of the reasons kettlebells are so special and
what make them unique (at least in my book) –

The ballistic exercises.

They have an amazingly transformational effect on the body.

So spend your time on the Swing then transition to the Snatch.

After the Snatch, get a second KB and spend some time – a
season maybe – on the Clean + Jerk or Clean + Push Press.

Start with lower reps and then over the course of time, progress
to higher reps.

Make sure your technique is nailed down pat.

There’s wiggle room on the single KB ballistics for a little bit
of sloppy technique.

There is not on the double KB ballistics.

That wiggling will kill you.

My recommendation for “next level” kettlebell ballistic training
is to get a copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Watch the DVDs, practice the technique, check the book for
common mistakes and fix yours.

Then run your Clean + Jerk / Clean + Push Press through the
“STRONG!” program.

In it you’ll find between 18 and 36 weeks of programming to
transform your body with the Clean + Jerk or Clean + Push

Get to the Next Level here.

Talk soon.


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