3 NON-Exercise “Hacks” To Accelerate Fat Loss

When you think of “losing fat” do you immediately think
of doing more swings?

Or going on a diet?

Here’s a shocking thought for you (at least it was for me
not too long ago):

What if in our quest for more swings, more protein, and
to “eat like our ancestors” (Whatever the heck that means –
at least some mine were German – so I should be drinking
more beer…) –

We’ve overlooked the rest of our life?

Here’s what I mean:

Your fat loss is predicated on your HEALTH -

How well your system as a whole is running.

What that means is if you’re doing “more swings” and
eating “more protein” (or whatever) and you’re not
getting as lean as you thought –

There’s more going on.

And it’s going on “under the hood.”

And no, I’m not talking about “movement dysfunctions” –

Although they play a part in the process.

Again, I’m talking about your internal health.

What’s going on INSIDE – the things – the processes you
can’t necessarily see.

You can only see their effects

The symptoms that things aren’t all that they’re cracked
up to be –

That something’s wrong – or at least not optimal.

Here are 3 places to look – 3 “hacks” if you will – that
are probably sabotaging your fat loss and the rest
of your progress too.

HACK # 1: Optimize Your Digestion

What most people don’t realize is that your gut
has the most nerve cells other than your brain.

It’s called your “second brain.”

And, it is intimately involved in controlling your
immune system –

You know, that thing that protects you from colds,
coughs, and the other “Big C” word – Cancer.

So if your gut isn’t working correctly –

If it’s not absorbing nutrients as well as it should
be, then your whole system is going to be out
of line.

Including the way you absorb – or DON’T absorb
– as the case may be – the nutrients in your food.

Sure, you could get on a course of probiotics.

That’s the “in” thing to do right now.

But according to Dr. Chris Hardy, DO, MPH, and
author of Strong Medicine: How To Conquer
Chronic Disease and Achieve Your Full Genetic
, that only takes care of “today” –

And does nothing to “feed” the good bacteria
you already have living in your gut.

Is it helpful?

Sure is.

And you should be taking them, especially if
you’ve been on a course of antibiotics any time
in the last 2 years.

(Antibiotics kill bad AND good gut bacteria and
cause changes in gut bacteria for between 3
months and 2 years.)

But there are 3 things you can do to not only
improve your gut health, but actually start to
reverse your other health issues, like Type 2

What are they?

Chris gives you the blueprint from pages 133 to
164 in his new book, Strong Medicine.

Check it out here.

HACK #2 – Drive Out The “Silent Killer”

Let me ask you a question:

Do you know the cause of 87% of ALL disease?

That’s right.

The old phrase, “Stress kills” is actually true.

Turns out that 87% of all heart disease, cancer,
and everything else is stress-driven.

That means if you can manage stress, you have
a better chance of not being part of that 87%.

Great – you say – you already knew that.

Ok, I’ll give you that.

But what are you actually doing about it?

Did you know that if you’re not ACTIVELY training
to combat the effects of stress, you’re rewiring your
brain to become more “animal-like?”

You are actually physically changing the way your
genes “turn on” or “turn off.”

This means you can speed up the aging process
and the disease process without even knowing it.

In fact, living under the effects of chronic stress
increases chronic inflammation and oxidative
stress – both of which have been linked to –

– heart disease
– diabetes
– accelerated aging
– autoimmune disease
– cancer
– obesity
– depression
– chronic pain

What’s one thing you can start doing today to
decrease your stress levels?

Diaphragmatic breathing.

I’ve written before about the benefits of breathing, so
I’ll make this short –

In essence, diaphragmatic breathing balances out
the two halves of your autonomic nervous system,
and biases your parasympathetic nervous system,
which is responsible for “resting and digesting.”

This in turn “turns down” the amount of cortisol
your body releases and helps reduce the chronic
inflammation in your body.

This seems like one of the most “airy-fairy” hacks
you’ve probably ever heard of.

Like you need to have some kind of tantric music
playing in the background and while wearing
yoga pants when doing this.

I can assure you – there’s some HEAVY science behind
all this.

And Dr. Chris covers it in detail, so you can understand
EXACTLY how this effects you, on pages 264 to 308
of his book, Strong Medicine.

Of course, he shows you at least 2 other mechanisms
for dealing with the “Silent Killer” in your life.

I recommend getting your copy here.

HACK #3: Find Your Rhythm

Cue music:

“Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga
I know you can’t control yourself any longer…”

No, no, NO! 

Turn off that Gloria Estefan nonsense!

(Apologies to Gloria’s fans.)

Not THAT kind of rhythm.

I’m talking about your circadian rhythm -

Or your body’s internal clock mechanisms.

The thing that wakes you up and puts you to sleep.

Ahhh…. Sleep…

Here’s the thing:

If you’re not sleeping well, then you’re not recovering

And if you’re not recovering well, then guess what?

Yup – you’re increasing your chronic inflammation.

Therefore, if you want to lose fat, one of the best things
you can do is get your circadian rhythm back on track
and SLEEP! (More.)

“But I go to bed a 10 every night…”

Yeah, but did you know that LIGHT is the thing that
regulates your circadian rhythm?

And when you’re exposed to bright – “blue light” – late
into the evening and into the night, you’re altering
your body’s circadian rhythm?

That means you’re altering your QUALITY of sleep.

Specifically, your NREM-3.

“My what??”

Your “slow wave” sleep.

Why is that important?

Because if you want to burn fat, then you’ll want to
make sure you body’s hormones are working properly.

And the primary fat-burning hormone you care about
is growth hormone.

Guess when the largest daily supply of growth hormone
is released?

No – it’s not after a grueling “Kettlebell Muscle” workout.

It’s during slow wave sleep.

Here’s some more good news:

You know when most of your recovery from that workout

That’s right –

During slow wave sleep.


If you’re not only not sleeping, but not getting enough
slow wave sleep, you’re sabotaging your fat loss.

Even more good news:

Without slow wave sleep, you’ll also start cannibalizing
your precious muscle tissue.

That means decreased strength levels, decreased
work capacity, decreased resting metabolic rate (the
number of calories you burn at rest), and the number
of calories you burn post-exercise.

One simple tip to get you to balance your circadian
rhythm, get to sleep faster, and get your slow wave

Turn off your TV at least an hour before bedtime
and dim the lights in your bedroom.

Dr. Chris explains how all of this works on pages 312
to 355 in his book, Strong Medicine.

Plus, he gives you at least 3 other practical and
immediately useful tips to fix your “master clock

that you can do as soon as you’re done reading the
sleep chapter.

Why am I telling you about Dr. Chris’s book Strong

Because I honestly think it is one of the most exhaustive,
practical, and immediately useful books for recapturing
your health –

And therefore achieving all your other goals (like getting
stronger and losing your unwanted body fat) –

That I’ve read in a long, long time.

Perhaps ever.

Yep, it really is that good.

In it he shows you: 

1.  All the things you suspected might be issues
2.  Confirms that they indeed are issues
3.  Shows you why they’re issues
4.  Shows you with very practical steps what you can
do about them as soon as you’ve read that chapter.

I strongly recommend you get a copy today.

I think it’ll be one of the best books you’ve read in a
long, long time.

Plus, it’ll “free” you from all those predatory fear-based
ads that pop up on your Facebook or news feeds.

Instead, you’ll be armed with the “why” and the “how”
to take back your health.

And once you do, you can expect your performance to

Get your copy of Strong Medicine today.

Talk soon.


P.S. Chris and I did a pretty exhaustive (and sarcastically
entertaining) interview covering the 4 Major Enemies
to Your Health

Good times.

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