3 Reasons Why Most KB Fat Loss Program Suck

Yeah, you know, I’m not prone to the negative, but sometimes,
there is no nice way to tell the truth.

So you just have to be blunt and tell it like it is.

And yeah, I realize this will probably make me unpopular
with people who sell “sucky” KB fat loss programs.


Go back to school and study your program design and exercise

And then get some clients and spend 20+ years training people
for a living.

Ok, off my soapbox.

So here’s the deal –

Most KB workouts you find on the ol’ interwebz today violate
the 3 basic Elements of Progression –

Which are really principles found in physiology:

1. The Overload Principle.

If you’re doing 100 swings or X number of swings a day, there’s
a better than good chance you’re violating this principle.


Because this principle states that you must create a new
stimulus each and every time you train for your body to adapt
to the outcome you’re trying to create – a.k.a. Lose fat.

And when you’re doing 100 swings a day, the stimulus is –

You guessed it – the same 100 swings a day.

Therefore, there’s an extremely high rate of diminishing
returns here.

Especially if you’re doing this for a month.

Sure, 100 swings a day is a program that I’ve prescribed many,
many times.

But the #1 reason I prescribe it is NOT fat loss – but rather
to create CONSISTENCY in training – which is KEY for not only
short-term results – but also, and more importantly – LONG
term results – fat loss or otherwise.

Any fat loss on that program is incidental and a nice side

And sure, there are ways to use the Overload Principle on
a 100 swings a day program.

But we’ll save that for another day.

On to the next Element of Progression –

2. The Overcompensation Principle

Did you get calluses from swinging your KB?

Of course you did. (I’ve never met anyone who didn’t.)

That’s an example of the Overcompensation Principle –

Create a stress, and the body responds by adapting to that

The problem with most KB workouts today is there’s either not
enough stress (using the wrong exercises with a KB that’s
too light) or as more often is the case –

Creating TOO MUCH stress.

I was out of town teaching a seminar so one of my clients
went down to the local gym and took their kettlebell class.

They started out with 300 swings, followed by 100 walking
lunges, and it got progressively worse from there…

To make matters worse, the “instructor” couldn’t instruct,
couldn’t correct technique, and just let people get
away with sloppy form.

By the end of the hour, my client was exhausted and, for
the first time since training with KBs – which she started
with me back in 2002 – she tore a callus.

I get pissed off just thinking about it…

So let’s move on to –

3. The GAS Principle.

GAS stands for “General Adaptation Syndrome” – which
explains the 3 stages of adaptation our bodies undergo when
exposed to stress – Alarm, Resistance and Exhaustion.

See that last word? “Exhaustion.”

Yeah… Well the GAS Principle tells us that because of the
Overload and Overcompensation Principles, we need the
proper rest when training for fat loss.

2 points here -

A. Notice I said “training” – not working out. Fat loss
is an end goal just like running a faster 100m time.

It’s something that needs to be PLANNED and trained
for as opposed to something that’s a “Killer Workout.”

B. Most KB fat loss programs really aren’t programs at
all. There’s nothing sequential – no form of planned
overload – just a series of random and disparate workouts
joined together on the same piece of paper “designed”
(I use that term in the loosest possible sense) to
“smoke you.”

Because after all, you have to be smoked after a good
fat loss workout, right?



Don’t believe me?

Well then how come sprinters and gymnasts look so 
good and are so darn lean?


I know why because I used to train them.

And I use the same principles in my kettlebell fat loss

If you want to lose fat using the principles that make
athletes look so good, then you’ll want to get a copy
of my entire “Kettlebell Burn 2.0″ Ultimate Kettlebell
Fat Loss System.

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Talk soon.


P.S. Thousands of people just like you have used this
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All you need is a kettlebell, the desire, and the ability
to follow directions.

It’s like Emerson said, “Do the thing, have the power.”

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