3 Requirements For Strength Gains AND Fat Loss

I’ll never forget how badly this rubbed me the wrong way.

I was reading some work from another trainer whom I
admired and was arrested in my tracks when I read

(To paraphrase) “When training for fat loss you shouldn’t
worry about strength.”


Not worry about strength?

I’d spent my entire life chasing it and I wasn’t going to
not focus on it.

It just didn’t sit right with me.

That’s because I knew better.

First, of all, he wasn’t strong. Not in the traditional sense of
hoisting and heaving iron.

Second, I had personally proved him wrong.

I’d gotten down to 3.3% body fat while training solely and
exclusively for strength (and power) and was at one of my
peak strength periods in my life.

Let’s spend some time this week reviewing these 3 requirements.

Today, we’ll cover the first.

1. Generate tension.

The more, the better.

You can also think of this as lifting heavy.

You simply need to coax your muscles to work hard – to
tap into and tax your Type 2b/2x fast twitch muscle fibers.


Because they are the biggest, strongest, most energy using
muscle fibers in your body.

And when you train them, you get stronger. Much, much

It’s pretty much an established fact by now:

If you look at the training logs of the best strength athletes in
the world – middleweight powerlifters, olympic lifters, and
gymnasts – you’ll see that they all train generating high
levels of tension.

Here’s the interesting thing:

These athletes are some of the leanest in the world.

And it’s not because they eat “bodybuilder” type diets either.

Nope, it’s their training.

High tension, low reps, multiple sets.

If you’re looking to get strong or lean, or better yet – BOTH –

You absolutely must stop screwing around with “workouts”
and start “training.”

You need to learn how to control your body and generate
tension so you can access those energy-hungry Type 2b/2x
muscle fibers.

Your kettlebells are great teachers especially when you know
how to “load tension” into your body using them.

Not sure how to do that?

I outline 6 steps inside “Kettlebell STRONG!” and they’re all
on my 3.5 hour 2-DVD set.

I teach you how to layer each step – one on top of the other
to produce maximum tension for safety and strength.

Of course the best part is watching the “volunteer” do this.

He’s in great shape and you can see him start to sweat and
breathe hard from doing this. :-)

(There’s the fat loss component in full effect.)

The best part is you can rewind the DVDs so you don’t miss
any of the cueing and you can practice each step over and
over and over again until you confidently master it and integrate
it into your training.

The best best part?

(Can there really be two bests? I think so.)

Once you get this 6-step process down for generating tension
(and acquiring strength and burning extra calories) – there’s a
really sweet 3-phase low rep strength program waiting for you
where you can repeatedly practice and master your new
techniques called the “STRONG!” program.

And it lives up to its name.

Learn how to generate, control, and maximize tension for near
instantaneous strength gains and getting leaner at the same

time with “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

Back tomorrow with Part 2. Love this one – it’s my favorite.


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