3 Secrets For Super-Strength

It seems we’re all looking for the “magic” formula for super-

There are 3 secrets you MUST know if you want to get
and be strong –

1. Practice strength exercises frequently without fatigue
(You may already know this.)

In order to do that you must –

2. Vary your loads on a daily basis
(You might have heard about this.)

And, here’s the one that I’d say 99% of all people miss –

3. Sensitize your body for strength gains.


Here’s the deal – strength isn’t strictly neural – meaning
you can grease the groove all you want, but there are other
factors at play too –

For example, did you know that if you have excess fat on
your body it limits your strength levels?

Bet that’s not something you’ve heard before.

(Shakes head.)

Here’s how it works:

Science has proven repeatedly that strength is related
to muscle size. So the greater the muscle size, the greater
it’s potential for strength.

The problem is that growing muscle is hard to do when you’re


Insulin Resistance.

That’s where your body secretes too much insulin to store
blood sugar.

Insulin is a powerful anabolic hormone (growth) but too much
of it is bad because it –

1. Leads to diseases, like Type 2 Diabetes

2. Inhibits the release of Growth Hormone and IGF-1, hormones
responsible for cell growth and regeneration (read: Strength)

3. Inhibits the release of Testosterone, a powerful anabolic
hormone in men (women have it too – about 10% the levels of
men) responsible for growth and health. (Again, strength.)

Therefore, if you really want to get stronger, aggressively attack
your fat – get rid of it as fast as you can.

Here’s where you start.

It’s a Free Special Report I wrote just for you with some unique
strategies I know you’ve never heard of before.

Like “Neuro-Metabolic Contrasts”.

What are they?

There are 5 of them and if you want to get stronger, you
better know about them cause if not you’re leaving the
proverbial money on the table.

But there’s more – using these Neuro-Metabolic Contrasts
will help reverse your Insulin Resistance.

They will help you become Insulin Sensitive again.

Here’s that report.

Still not sure you’re Insulin Resistant?

Look in the mirror – got lovehandles?

Yeah? Well, depending on the size of them, you’ve either
got a mild or raging case of Insulin Resistance.

And like I said, that’ll interfere BIG TIME with your strength

So do yourself a favor –

Get rid of the fat so you can get stronger.

Learn how to do it quickly, while gaining strength by using
those 5 Neuro-Metabolic Contrasts here

Talk soon.


P.S. I know this will work for you – I’ve done it myself. And
I’m seeing strength gains like crazy right now. Get the
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