3 Simple Steps For More Productive KB Workouts This Week

I’ve been studying a lot about productivity lately.

After all, we only get one shot at this thing called
life here on Earth. May as well make the most of

Here’s what I’ve come up with to help you TODAY
so the rest of your workouts this week can be
more productive.

STEP 1: Pick ONE thing you want to train for.

Nope, not 3 – just ONE.

What is your biggest, baddest, most urgent and
pressing desire?

If you could change just ONE thing – what would
it be?

Got it?

Good. Now just train for that ONE thing and that
ONE thing only.

Don’t let yourself get sidetracked.

STEP 2: Determine how much time you WILL
commit to achieving your ONE thing.

Not “can.”

Not “might be able to.”

Not “should.”


That means realistically analyzing your day and
your week and determining where and when you
can train and for how long.

Now mark those times off – that’s right – block them
off in your calendar.

And no, it doesn’t matter what the time period is –
as long as you’re REALISTIC about it.

Err on the side of less, rather than more.

If you can only do 15 minutes one day, and 20
another – so be it. Block it off. Write it down.

STEP 3: Pick the best exercise to achieve your

Ok, it can be best exercises. Plural.

But not too many.

Two or three tops.


Because too much variety creates “overwhelm” –
the feeling that there’s too much to do and not
enough time to get it done. So why bother even
starting you’re just going to fail anyway. That’s

Here’s some broad and basic guidelines for
exercise selections based on goals:

1. Fat Loss: Ballistics – Swing, Snatch, Clean.
One or two kettlebells.

2. Strength: Grinds – Press, Squat, Get Up
One or two kettlebells.

3. Conditioning: Ballistics. Some Grinds
One or two kettlebells.

And of course, the absolute best way to do this is
to simply follow expertly designed kettlebell programs
to help you reach your ONE goal.

Like “Kettlebell Express! ULTRA” .

It’s the ULTIMATE kettlebell productivity producer
and time multiplier – and it’s ESPECIALLY for busy


You, a pair of kettlebells (yep, can even be mix-
matched), and an hour a week.

There are 49+ time-efficient kettlebell programs
for you to not only FEEL productive, but to BE
productive and FINALLY reach your goals.

Not only that, but you’ll learn the FOUR simple
questions to ask yourself to guarantee you achieve
YOUR ONE Thing. (pp.10-13).

In fact, most people never stop to ask themselves
these questions and it’s the #1 reason why they fail
to achieve their goals.

Once you know these simple but powerful questions,
you’ll never fail again.

Grab your copy of “Kettlebell Express! ULTRA” –


It’s the busy person’s solution to achieving that
elusive ONE goal.

Talk soon.


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