3 Simple “Tricks” To Accelerate Your Progress…

… regardless of what your goal is.

I was going back and forth in some emails this weekend with
a good customer of mine who is still stuck losing the same
25 pounds he was a year ago.

Imagine that – how frustrating.

Yet that’s the same boat many people are in – maybe even you.

Yeah, maybe it’s not losing the 25 pounds.

Maybe it’s struggling to improve your press.

Or maybe it’s just struggling to workout consistently.

Regardless, these two “tricks” will go a long way to helping
you FINALLY reach your goals.


Visualize Success.

That’s right – this is what I told my customer.

Use your imagination and actually SEE yourself in your end

SEE your self doing whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.

– See yourself lean, thin, strong, with a smaller waist, smaller
hips, butt, whatever. Whatever your trouble spots are, imagine
them gone.

– In your mind, watch yourself pressing a heavy weight. Do it
from the outside in – as if you were watching yourself in the
third person. Do it from the inside out – where you’re just
watching the KB go up.

If you can see it in your mind, chances are better than good you
can make it a reality.

Don’t believe me?

Check this out:

2000 Olympic Gold Medalist in Women’s Diving, Laura Wilkinson,
was unable to train in the pool due to an injury.

So she visualized her training and her success, in her mind,
instead of going to practice in the pool.

The result was that she upset and defeated the heavily favored
Chinese divers. And she became the first US gold medal for a
female platform diver since 1964.

Ignore this at your own peril.


Start Easy.

This advice always shocks people.

Most people, maybe even you, think that you need to go hard,
“balls to the wall” all the time otherwise your workouts are a
waste of time.



Because NO ONE can sustain that type of effort forever.

Especially not when you’ve been “on the bench” and not working
out for awhile.

Ease into it and build some momentum.

There’s nothing worse than starting a new workout and being
so sore that you can’t breathe the next day.

Even if you’re not starting over again, you need to start easy
and build momentum – like a wave rolling in to the shore.

Doing so ensure constant progress and continual success.

Failure to do so results in lack of results, fits and starts, and
maybe if you’re unlucky – even injury.

The best way to “start easy” is to train for strength first.

Then gradually work into the harder, more intense “conditioning”
based MetCon workouts.


Because according the Prof. Y. Verkhoshansky, esteemed Russian
sports scientist and “father of plyometrics” – “strength is the
mother of all physical qualities.”

Think about it –

You can’t press a 24kg KB until you can press a 16kg or 20kg.

It’s like what my first weightlifting coach teased me with in
my first attempt to squat 500 –

Him – “You know what kept you from squatting 500?”

Me – “No, what?”

Him – “475.”

He was exactly right.

Anyway, I’m not saying you should ONLY ever train for strength


Far from it.

I’m just saying you should get a strength base because it forms
the foundation for all other physical qualities.

I think the majority of people would be best served spending
6 to 12 weeks training their strength then moving on to something
else – primarily strength-endurance.

This is exactly how I set up the “STRONG!” program.

Which brings us to –


Consistently Follow A Plan/Program

About the “STRONG!” program:

It’s 3 main phases –

Phase 1: Base Strength

You’ll spend 8-12 weeks working on building up your base
strength with low rep training.

Phase 2: Work Capacity

Here you’ll spend between 4 and 16 weeks, depending on whether
you use the “Short Course” or the “Slow And Steady” course,
building up your work capacity – your ability to perform and
recover from work performed.

Phase 3: Increase Conditioning/ Fat Loss

This final phase is between 5 and 7 weeks long and will really
challenge your cardiovascular endurance and your muscular

It will also peel off some body fat, especially if you drop your

Email me in just 4 short months from now and let me know
how you’ve transformed your body.

You’ll be astounded at what you can do when you just see
yourself succeeding.

Talk soon.


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