3 Sneaky Swing Power Tactics…

Everyone wants a more powerful Swing and if
you don’t, then you should.


Because more power = more strength.

More power = more calories burned.

More power = more awesome you.

Simple, right?

Now do you want a more powerful Swing?

Of course you do. :-)

Everyone responds to different cues, so here
are some simple to implement basic tactics for
you to use TODAY for an immediate increase
in Swing power –
TACTIC #1: Hello Heels

No, not the UNC Tarheels, who won the regular
season ACC Championship this past Saturday
night – the heels of your feet.

This is a tactic aimed at primarily beginners, but
it works well for people who have tight hips.

Simply grab your bell with both hands on the set
up, and do the following –

1. Squeeze the handle
2. Push your hips back as far as you can while
maintaining your gaze on the horizon, with your
chest up
3. And get your weight in your heels
4. Snap your hips to Swing and keep your attention
in the back third of your foot – driving your heels
into the floor on every Swing.

TACTIC #2: Hammer the Hips

This is similar to the ‘Hello Heels’ tactic, only this
time your focus in on pushing your hips forward
and backward.

Backward on the backswing – trying to hit whatever
is behind you – and forward – HARD! – on the Swing –
really focusing on squeezing your glutes hard.

TACTIC #3: Jump!

For some, the previous tactics just don’t seem to cut
it. They need something closer to what they already
are familiar with.

So the ‘Jump’ method works well for them.

Simply imagine you’re performing a vertical jump
without leaving the ground. Instead of letting your
feet leave the floor, push them down hard.

The mechanics will work well transferring over to
the Swing.

(This is the method I personally use.)
So there you have it – 3 Sneaky Swing Power
Tactics that you can use immediately to increase
your Swing power.

(Or “Pow-ah” as Arnold would say.)

Ok, admittedly, they’re not really that “sneaky” at
all. You may even know 1 or 2 of them. That’s ok.

Give them all a shot and see which one works best
for you. (Especially if you haven’t played around
with your stance in awhile…)

Talk soon.


P.S. Keep your eye on your email cause I’m going
to be sending you a cool Swing workout that will
also improve your Swing power…

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