3 “Summit Of Strength” Press Secrets

I’m off to this year’s Summit Of Strength today.

Yup, a long weekend of exercise and meat with my
good friends and Master RKCs, Brett Jones, Dave
Whitley, and Jeff O’Connor.

I can’t believe this is our third year doing this – they’re
just so much fun to do!

This year’s theme is totally different from the last
two years.

In ’10 and ’11 we focused on making your kettlebell
training better by showing advanced kettlebell progressions.

This year, we’re focusing on making your kettlebell
work better by NOT using the KB.

Ahh, yes, a Zen koan, grasshopper…

I’ll leave the details for a future email.

However, last year I taught on how to get a bigger,
stronger Press.

Many people PR’d.

It made me smile. :-)

(Them too.)

Anyway, here are 3 tips I want you to try out this weekend
for your Presses and see if they don’t feel better.

1. Look at the KB during the Press.

Specifically, look right at the point where the handle crosses
your thumb.

2. Press from your elbow and point it 45 degrees away
from your body during the Press.

This will help keep the Press in the correct groove,
ensuring proper muscle recruitment patterns and will
also help keep you tight.

3. Instead of lowering the KB, actively pull your elbow
down to your opposite hip.

Not that it’s actually going to get there, nor should you do
so in such a way that the bell falls out of the rack, but
give this a shot and see what happens on the next rep.

You should be pleasantly surprised.

That’s it – gotta plane to catch.


P.S. We actually filmed last year’s SOS, but we just haven’t
gotten off our butts to package, duplicate, and sell the
presentations, which were awesome, of course. So I’ll let
you know when they’re available.

The good news is, I did get off my lazy butt and finally put
the 2010 presentation together for you.

It’s called the “Kettlebell Muscle Super Package” and it’s
in my opinion, the definitive guide to learning the double
KB drills.

However, there’s no sales letter for it – still being lazy.

And here’s what you get if you want it –

– 3.5 hours detailed video instruction
– Transcripts so you don’t miss a single word
– Cliff’s Notes – Step-by-Step Training Manual

Bypass the invisible sales letter and get it straight at the
shopping cart here (dirt cheap too – only $47) –


OK, seriously, gotta run – don’t wanna miss my plane!

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