3 “Tricks” To Get The Most Out Of Your KBs (Especially When You’re Short On Funds)…

Sometimes, like the Stones say, “you can’t always get
what you want”
– and that includes a heavier set of KBs.

I got an email from Rick last week asking how to get the
most out of “Kettlebell STRONG!” and “More Kettlebell
Muscle” on a limited budget.

So how do you “make do” with the pairs that you do have?

Pretty simple really – most of us have overlooked this.

But first – let me ask you a question –

Do you put lemon or lime in your water?

I do.

Mostly when I eat out.

I prefer lime to lemon. Maybe because I grew up in England.

(Lymies – get it?? Ha! Sorry my English friends, it was too
good to pass up.)

Anyhoo – I don’t just squeeze my lime.

Nope – I WRING that puppy out with everything I got til
the pulp basically disintegrates off the rind.

And that’s what you have to do with your KBs.

You have to wring out every little technical nuance to
get the most out of them.

So here are the 3 tricks:

TRICK #1 – Don’t just swing, snatch or clean your KBs –

EXPLODE with them!

Make EACH and EVERY rep as explosive as you can –
almost like your life depended on it.

This creates more energy demand because you generate
more power.

And since “like begets like” – you become more powerful.

And if you’re training to lose some extra waist baggage,
then this tip is gold – because you’ll burn more calories on
each and every rep than if you just did your ballistics the
normal way.

TRICK #2 – Don’t just move your Presses or Squats or
Get Ups – CONTROL them!

Lots of us just muscle our way through our grinds to just
“get the reps.”

But what about the quality of those reps?

Can you honestly say that you OWN every single part
of each movement or are you speeding your way through
to compensate for a lack of control?

Slow your grinds down – a medium tempo is best for
strength gains says the old Soviet research.

So add a little bit more tension and work on accentuating
both the concentric (up) and eccentric (down) phases of
your Presses and Squats and GUs.

This increases time-under-tension – which is a measure
for gaining both muscle and strength – and therefore increase
protein turnover – which is one of the ways you build muscle
and gain strength.

TRICK #3 – Don’t just swing, snatch, clean, press or squat –
STOP your reps!

One of the most overlooked and under-rated training
concepts is isometrics – holding the load in a given position
for a given period of time.

Iso’s as they are called are great for busting through
sticking points, mastering joint angles and body positions
that make up movements, and for just gaining good ol’
fashioned strength.

For ballistics – Swings, Snatches, Cleans – learn how to
use the “Dead Stop” versions of each exercise.

This is where you park the bell between each rep and
reset and reload every rep.

Not only does this engrain a great start position, but it
also increases energy expenditure – or calorie burning.

So it’s a “big-bang-for-the-buck” exercise adjustment.

For grinds – Presses, Squats, GUs – pause at various
positions of your reps before finishing the rep.

For example – on your FSQs pause in the bottom for 2 to
3 seconds – eliminating the “rebound” coming out of the

On the Press you can pause either in the rack, overhead,
or halfway up.

You get the idea.

Of course, adding in these “tricks” assumes that you have
the right lime or lemon for your strength beverage of choice –

That is – that you actually KNOW that your technique is
spot on for all your kettlebell exercises – especially the
doubles – which play by different rules than the singles.

Leave nothing to chance, quench your thirst for strength

Talk soon.


P.S. Of course I think it goes without saying that  these 3
“tricks” should be used ALL the time if you want to get
the most out of your kettlebell training
, don’t you?

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