3 Types Of Fat Loss?

Yup, it’s that time of year again when most people are
looking down pinching that roll around the middle or staring
in disgust at the image staring back in the mirror at them.

The question is, if that’s you, what are you going to do
DIFFERENTLY this year to ensure that you don’t repeat
this moment next year?

Good question, huh?

Did you know there are 3 different types or styles of fat

It’s true.

Most people want to get that fat off as quickly as possible,
but aren’t willing to do what it takes to do so.

(More on that later this week.)

These are people who are “maxed out” –

Work is busy.

Family life is busy.

And busy means stressed.

So there’s minimal energy left to invest at the end of the
day – or any time of day – to invest in a complicated fat
loss program.

Makes sense, right?

If that’s you, keep reading because I have some important
and great news for you to make this year different than
the last.

Still with me?

Ok, good.

Here’s what’s up:


Great name, isn’t it?

I think so.

And it’s the first type of fat loss.

I call it “lazy fat loss” because when engaging in this type
of fat loss program, you feel lazy because there are very
few moving parts and honestly, you do virtually nothing.


There’s –

1. Eating.


2. Training.

And there are 2 parts to the eating.

Here’s part 1 and it’s one of the biggest changes you can
make to benefit your fat loss.

Skip breakfast.

That’s right – skip it altogether.

Don’t eat your first meal until later in the morning or even



Specifically cortisol.

When you first get up, your cortisol levels are elevated.

This is natural and normal.

Cortisol is a mobilization hormone. It breaks things down,
like fat.

So guess what?

When you haven’t eaten all night and you wake up in the
morning, you know what cortisol has been doing?

That’s right –

Mobilizing your fat stores for your body to use as energy.

So, keep that going.

Keep on burning fat.

There are some other hormonal mechanisms going on
there which I’ll explain some other time.

Point is – when you skip breakfast, you burn more fat.


Next up –


How should you train?


Just in case you forgot.


And –


I prefer double KBs.

Don’t even worry about a “fat loss” program.

Simply lift a heavy-ish pair of KBs and move them as fast
as possible. (Heavy-ish = 4-8RM).

I like basing my KB weight off the Press, because it’s usually
the limiting exercise.

If you can press it, you can clean it, squat it, push press it,
jerk it, swing it, etc.

Maybe the only thing you can’t do is snatch it. But, that’s
ok, spend enough time with those KBs on that press, and
it’ll soon come.

And, keep your workouts simple.

Don’t do a lot of exercises – pick maybe 2 or 3 and focus
on them.

That’s how I wrote the “STRONG!” program inside “Kettlebell

It’s based on the the Clean + Press.

It’s simple.

And HIGHLY effective for building strength.

And even stripping off body fat – the lazy way.

And if that’s not “enough” – combine it with the “One” program –

A 10 minute Double Swing program.

I show you how to combine both the “STRONG!” and the
“One” program on page 83.

Wait – what about part 2 of the eating?

Glad you asked.

I’ve covered that in my new report, “The Lazy Fat Loss
Protocols,” which I’ll include when you buy your copy of 

In it, you’ll learn the simplest, easiest, do-absolutely-
nothing way of losing fat.

Plus, you’ll learn 2 tasty “hacks” you can use to accelerate
your fat loss while skipping breakfast.

If there’s a lazier way to lose body fat, I haven’t found it.

This is virtually effortless.

How much fat can you expect to lose following “The
Lazy Fat Loss Protocols?”

Depends upon how much you have to lose, but right
around a pound a week.

Not to shabby for not “trying” to lose fat.

Imagine, you could be 12 pounds lighter this spring by
doing virtually nothing.

It’s the laziest way I’ve ever seen to lose fat.

Order your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” today and I’ll

Talk soon.


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