3 Ways To Get Lean WITHOUT “Trying”… (Part 1 Of 3)

… Or stay lean over the upcoming holiday season.

I was talking with a good friend the other day and
he was telling me that one of his good friends, Brad
Pilon, author of “Eat. Stop. Eat.” figured out that the
damage most people do to themselves between
Halloween and New Year’s Day will haunt them for
the rest of the year.

In other words, if you drop your guard over the next
8 weeks or so, you’ll spend the following 10 months
trying to get rid of it.

Not a pretty picture.

Speaking of not pretty pictures – I snapped this one of
myself the other day just for a reality check:

Not bad. (Especially for the awful lighting. And the
fact that I’m now eating 200 grams plus of carbs on
average per day.)

Certainly not “EXTREME!” shape, but not fat.
(I’m somewhere between 205-210#.)

I’m not focusing on fat loss whatsoever, rather just on
regaining my strength in certain “pet” lifts.

I think this is about the “edge” of how “soft” I want to

Which brings us to the point of today’s email –

How do you get lean and stay lean without even trying?

Train for strength first, while keeping your
diet in check.

There’s a common misconception that strong guys (and
gals) are all overweight.

There’s zero truth to that.

That’s only the superheavyweights.

The rest of the strength world competes in weight categories –

Be it powerlifting or weightlifting. So they have to keep their
weight in check.

And in order to do so they seek to maximize the amount
of muscle they can carry within that weight class.

Look –

So they only eat what they need to in order to recover
from their training and get stronger.

In other words, they’re not gorging and making excuses
for why they need to eat X, Y, or Z because, “after all, it

Which brings up a question:

How can training for strength change your body
composition -

i.e. get and keep you lean without necessarily training
for fat loss?


When you train for strength – pure strength – you’re using
a lot of energy. You’re accessing your type 2b muscle
fibers –

The ones that require the largest amount of energy.

Ever done a heavy set of 5 before?

Ever notice how out of breath you are afterward?

(We’ll talk more of that in Part 3 and how to exploit it, btw.)

Yeah… That’s because of those Type 2b fibers.

So, train heavy – and of course explosively.

This concept is why I keep getting stories from “Kettlebell
STRONG!” users who are putting muscle on their frames
in all the right places – shoulders, upper back, legs and
hips –

While simultaneously losing fat around the middle.

It’s turning into quite the common theme.

So, what kind of exercises should you use for strength?

BIG ones.

Clean + Press. Clean + Push Press. Clean + Jerk.

Front Squat.


High Pulls.


As you know, I’m a BIG fan of double KB exercises.


Because they tax your body more than single KB
exercises and therefore, create more adaptation.

So build your base, your foundation, with the singles,
then build and build and build upon it using the doubles.

If you don’t know how to do the double KB exercises, or
you’re not sure about them, then get your copy of “Kettlebell
STRONG!” today.

It’s almost 4 hours of video field-stripping and building
each of the following double KB exercises:

– clean
– press
– front squat
– snatch
– swing
– high pull
– jerk
– push press
– clean + jerk

Plus, you’ll learn the best sequence to learn the above
exercises using a process called “Technique Stacking” –

Where one technique builds on another, making each
exercise successively easier and easier to learn.

(It’s not in the order listed above.)

Get your copy today.

Also included of course, is the infamous “STRONG!”
program – 18 to 36 weeks of pure strength training, building
you up from a KB whelp to a full grown KB man or woman.

Grab your copy here.

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the “missing link” in strength
training – a link –

Or more specifically, a “net” – that underpins your strength

Without this in place, you’ll have a tough time shedding
fat, even on a fat loss specific program.

Talk soon.


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