4 Steps For A More Explosive Swing (Burns More Calories Too!)

The Swing, is the center of the kettlebell universe, saith
my good friend and Master SFG Instructor, Mark “Rif”

But I hate the Swing.

I’d much rather Snatch.

But here’s a Zen Koan –

Your Snatch is your Swing.


See, the Snatch requires A LOT of power.

You’ve gotta generate a lot of force to get that KB up
over your head.

And to do that, you better have your Swing dialed in
otherwise you’ll end up jacking up your shoulder
or elbow on the Snatch cause you’re over-pulling
with your arm.

So here’s how you get a more explosive Swing and
virtually guarantee that when you eventually do
get to the Snatch, that it’s virtually effortless –

A natural progression from the Swing:

Focus on the hike pass.

See, most of us are focused on the KB, not what the
KB is doing.

And that’s where we go wrong.

The KB only does what your body tells it to do.

It’s almost like a reflection – it reveals back to you
what already exists.

(More Zen-like thoughts, I know.)

The key to a powerful and explosive Swing is getting
it to float – or hang momentarily in the air at the apex
of the Swing.

It should look like those old cartoons where Yosemite
Sam walks off the cliff and just pauses there for a
moment before he plummets to the ground below.

And that comes from focusing on the hike pass.

How do you do that?

Here’s a simple formula:

1. Practice just hiking the KB while in the set up.

Don’t actually stand up and swing the bell, just
swing it back underneath your body and return
the KB to the start every time.

Do this for 5-10 reps, seeking to “hike” the bell
back harder and harder each time.

2. Use “dead stop” Swings.

These are the natural progression from #1.

Hike the bell back and then stand up as hard as you

Just do one rep at a time.

3. Then practice your Swings – 5-10 at a time –
your the regular way – but focus on getting the
hike pass feeling like it did during the dead

Getting the KB to “hang” here is key – floating
at the top, remember.

4. Accelerate the downswing.

After you get the KB to float, literally use your lats
to “pull” the KB down on the backswing.

This will make the backswing that much faster.

And remember Newton’s Law – “For every action
there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

That means the harder you pull down on the
backswing, the more your muscles will stretch –

And the faster and harder they will contract –

Making you the proud new owner of a more explosive

Why should you care about having a more explosive

Well apart from it just making you cooler, this method
actually makes you work harder.

And working harder does several important things
that are also cool, and unlike a Zen Koan, easy to

1. Improves your conditioning levels

2. Improves your grip strength

3. Burns more calories and therefore burns more
body fat.

Pretty simple.

So what’s the “best” Swing program you should use to
acquire these more powerful and explosive Swings?

The answer is also very simple.

It’s called “Swing Season” and there are actually THREE
“Swing Seasons” each containing 26 or 27 different
Swing workouts.

Each one “only” takes you about 20 minutes.

Add them all together, working out only 3 days a week,
every other day, and you have 79 DIFFERENT Swing

You know what else you also have?

A POWERFUL foundation for your Snatch.

A better conditioned set of lungs and a killer grip to

And less body fat hanging over the back of your

Get the 3 different Swing Seasons and 47 other time
efficient KB programs here:


Talk soon.


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