4 Steps For Rapid Fat Loss [TEMPLATE]

Hey – quick question for ya:

You still have some of that bothersome excess body fat 
hanging around?

Look, I’m not trying to be obnoxious, but we both know that
that if you do, it probably bothers you deep down inside.

Not trying to be negative or anything, but I’m guessing that
since it bothers the crap out of me when I have some of the
spare stuff hanging around – it probably bothers you too.

Makes me feel like a hypocrite.


When’d that happen?

When’d what happen?

The Spare-tireage.

Yeah, recently.

Came home from a month on the road and had for the first time
since 2011 some nice lil’ lovehandles.

And it wasn’t from eating badly either.

It was from not sleeping, traveling multiple time zones, and as
it turns out, being depleted in some key vitamins and minerals
which caused my body to store fat and water. 

But that’s another story for another time.

Point is, I didn’t like it.

Which is why I did something about it.

And I did something about it quickly.

No messing around.

What about you?

Want to do something about it quickly?

Then use this 4 Step Rapid Fat Loss Template.

1. Train every day – 6 days a week – for no more than 30 minutes
at a time.

That includes your warm up.

Anything more is counterproductive, will rob you of your energy,
and actually cause you to eat more food, therefore sabotaging
your progress.

2. Contrast your training methods each training session.

Most people make the mistake of doing too much MetCon.

That’ll zap your energy and have you drained, depleted, and
overtrained in no time flat – 

Which is how you’ll feel – flat – like run over by Mack Truck if you
make this mistake.

You have to contrast your training methods.

Here’s a report I wrote about it a couple of years ago that goes
into great detail about how to do this and why it works.

3. Contrast your nutrition.

Many people eat the same old thing when “dieting” for rapid
fat loss.

Or they go “Paleo” or something like that.

I’ll just state flat out that that doesn’t work after about the first
2 weeks. 

Why not?

Because you run out of energy and your body starts downregulating
(slowing down) your metabolism.

That means your fat loss slows, stalls, or stops altogether.

No Bueno.

So you have to use several different nutritional strategies.

Like eating carbs. 

Lots of them.

On a rapid fat loss diet??


4. You MUST use “A.R.M.”

“A.R.M.” stands for Active Recovery Methods, which are 
exactly what they sound like. 

You speed up your recovery, and therefore your adaptation -
i.e. fat loss – by doing more than just sleeping.

Examples are contrast showers and deep diaphragmatic breathing
to name just two.

What To Do Next:

If you want to know more about how this whole Rapid Fat Loss

process works, I go into GREAT depth on it in this Special Report.

(I need to update the video – you’ll see what I mean when you get
there, but the Special Report is current. Get it here.)


If this sounds like something you want to dive headlong into – 

Then here’s a time-tested program for you that will only take
29 days to get done.

Shoot, by Halloween you could lose up to 10% of your current 
bodyweight like some of the others who’ve done this program.

(That means if you’re currently 200lbs, you could lose up to 
20lbs by the end of next month.)

Talk soon.


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