40 IN A ROW! Holy Freak-A-Moly! (Details Inside)

I had a nice “little” surprise yesterday while training
one of my clients – we’ll call him Lee to protect the
guilty. :-)

I’ve told you a little bit about Lee in one of my other
emails – how he’s a stud – in the last almost 2 years
working together, he’s –

rehabbed from ACL surgery…

… lost approximately 50lbs of fat…

… gained approximately 20lbs of muscle…

(He’s committed to constant improvement.)

Yesterday, he blew my mind.

We’d been working on some specific fat loss
protocols designed to induce lactic acid, which in
turn signals the body to release growth hormone –

Which in turn stimulates the fat burning process.

This is a key component to any good kettlebell fat
loss program.

One of the best ways to do this is increase total
body tension.

And one of the best ways to do that is –

Hold on – wait – before we go there, let me just preface
this by telling you that before you do these types
of programs, which entail higher reps –

You gotta make sure you build a good strength
base and your technique is spot on.

Otherwise, when you start to get tired, your form
will go to heck-in-a-hamburger.

Ok, back to the best way to increase total body

… or one of the best ways –

1. Use double KBs

2. Use compound lifts – like the Clean and Push
Press –

Which is what Lee has been using.

So yesterday, I told him to just go for it right out of
the gate – do as many reps as you can on that first

He’d been getting 20 pretty easily and I would’ve
said he was good for 25.

But yesterday –


He DESTROYED that first set and got a WHOPPING
40 reps!

Now let me ask you – have you ever done 40 reps
in a row with a Double Clean + Push Press?

Admittedly, I haven’t either. (My best was 25 C+J’s
with a pair of 32kgs.)

And it took him 2 minutes and 15 seconds to get
it all done.

That’s some MAJOR work.

We then modified the rest of the training day from
his usual programming to accommodate for the
massive PR.


So as I said earlier – in order to get into these
higher rep/higher tension “zones” – you gotta
put your time in with the lower reps and the
heavier weights.

You’ve gotta build up and be patient with yourself.

Notice what Lee had already accomplished before
he tackled this whopper.

So, you might want to do something like this (over
the course of months) –

Sets of 5.
Then sets of 10.
Then sets of 5 with a heavier weight.
Then sets of 10 with that heavier weight.
The sets of 15-20 with your original weight.

And so on.

There are of course other ways to do this and
make phenomenal gains in strength, conditioning
and fat loss.

I’ve outlined 18 weeks of this kind of training for
you in the programs called “Long Cycle (Of Death…)”
and “Long Cycle (Of Death…) 2.0″ in “Kettlebell

You can get your copy below –


Talk soon.


P.S. One more thing – as intensity and effort increase
the duration of your workouts should DECREASE.

Lee was done with his workout – which had 3 segments
to it – not including his warm-up – in 27 minutes.

Short, sweet, to the point – just like the programs in
“Kettlebell Express!.”


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