40th Birthday Sale!

By the time you’ve read this it’s pretty likely that I just
hit a BIG PR which I’ll probably tell you about next

It’s important, cause I’ll share with you how I did it
and how you can too.

In the meantime, in case you didn’t read yesterday’s
email – today is my 40th birthday.

The BIG 4-O.

As a way of saying “thank you” for being one of my
loyal “Kettlebell Secrets” subscribers and to help
me celebrate my birthday, I’m throwing two of my
best “programs” on sale for a combined $40.

For today and tomorrow only you can get your copy
of “Kettlebell Express!” and “Kettlebell Express! ULTRA”
for ONLY $40!

(Normally just “Kettlebell Express!” sells for $47 day
in and day out.)

Get your copies here –


FYI – “Kettlebell Express!” is over 49 time efficient
KB programs – that’s right PROGRAMS not just workouts
that you can do in 60 to 90 minutes total per week
using just one KB.

“Kettlebell Express! ULTRA” is another 49+ time
efficient KB programs you can do in 60-90 minutes
a week only this time you’ll use a pair of KBs.

If you’re looking for short workouts that’ll get you in
phenomenal shape – look no further.

Combined with the right diet, these monsters will
whip your butt in shape in a jiffy.


Grab your copies now.

Talk soon.


P.S. If Santa didn’t bring you what you wanted
these will fit in your stocking.


P.P.S. I’m only holding this sale until tomorrow
night at midnight. So if you need some new
programs that don’t take forever to do – and
produce phenomenal results, get your copies
of “Kettlebell Express!” and “Kettlebell Express!
ULTRA” now.

(There’s over 100 KB programs for you to
choose from for only $40 – that’s like 40 cents
per workout or something crazy like that…)


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