48 Hours, Eddie Murphy, And Your KBs…

One of my favorite comedians when I was growing
up was Eddie Murphy.

Sure, he was “Raw,” and his stand up specials made
me “Delirious” with unmatched belly-cramping laughter,
but did you know his first movie was one where he
played a wise-cracking criminal on parole?

It was called “48 Hours” and he co-starred with Nick

I saw it a couple of times about 20+ years ago and
hadn’t given it any thought really until this weekend
when I thought of you.

Here’s why:

In the movie, Eddie’s character is a criminal on parole
to help a cop (Nolte) find a cop-killer.

And they’ve only got 48 hours to do it – the length of
his parole.

Interestingly enough, “48 Hours” won Eddie a Golden
Globe nomination for “Best Acting Debut – Male,” and it
arguably went on to lead to his other major hit of the 80’s,
“Beverly Hills Cop.”

What’s this have to do with you and your KBs?

Pretty simple:

Not to put any pressure on you, but there’s only 48
hours left to enroll in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider

Like Eddie’s “48 Hours”, KSIC could be your “breakout
role” –

The one that leads to new heights of physical greatness –

New levels of leanness…

New levels of strength…

And finally getting rid of all your “issues”…

Those stiff hips…

That chronically tight and sore lower back…

That “trick knee”…

That “bum shoulder…

Just like Eddie was already acting, you’ve probably
been using your KBs with some success.

But what you and I both know is that you don’t
really want “some success,” right?

What you really want is SUCCESS!

… Whatever that looks like to you.

And this time you’ll do it by doing two things differently

1. You’ll implement “done-for-you” kettlebell programs
based upon the 4-Stage Cycle For Perpetual Progress
so all your workouts will be programmed to eliminate
your weaknesses and make your strength stronger
getting you faster results.

And –

2. You’ll get personalized coaching and feedback on
all your KB exercises to make sure you’re not only
doing them correctly – avoiding costly technique
errors – but doing them optimally – so you can
maximize each and every rep.

In month 1 alone you have 13 detailed videos that will
take you through step-by-step how to perform each
exercise found in month 1.

It’s like me coming over to your house and training
you personally.

But like I said, and no pressure here, there’s only 48
hours left to enroll.

I’m just giving you a heads up so you have some time
to decide if this is right for you.

Enroll in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program

I’m betting like Eddie Murphy, this will be your “breakout”
moment in your kettlebell training – where you FINALLY
see those results you’ve been looking for all these

Talk soon.


P.S. You know, Eddie had some pretty big flops – like
“Pluto Nash” and had some personal issues that
played out in the media –

However, he was still able to score some major
roles like the Dr. Doolittle series in the 90s and
the voice of Donkey in the “Shrek” movies during
the 2000’s.

I bet those make for some pretty nice royalties.

But it all started with his breakout role – “48 Hours.”

Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching will set you
up to reap dividends from your future kettlebell

Like Eddie’s character, Reggie Hammond, you only
have 48 hours left.

Enroll here before time runs out.

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