5 Best KB Holiday “Thrival” Strategies

Thanksgiving is 4 days away.

That means the Holiday season is pretty much upon us,
whether we’re ready for it or not.

Many people get caught in “overwhelm” mode and their
workouts take a backseat to all the preparation work and
parties they’re faced with.

But “overwhelm” doesn’t have to be your survival strategy
this year.

(Or ever, really.)

Let’s go over 5 easy-to-implement survival – or rather –

“THRIVAL” strategies you can use for the next 6-7 weeks
so you don’t become another statistic.

What do I mean by “statistic?”

Well, it’s commonly asserted that the “average” person will
gain between 8-10 pounds over the holidays.

In a study done in 2000, published in the New England
Journal of Medicine, researchers found that the average
weight gain during a holiday season was only 1 pound.

Unfortunately, people didn’t lose this extra pound and the
pounds accrued over the years, thus explaining why people
tend to gain weight over the course of their lifetime.

However, other studies have shown that people who
are overweight to begin with tend to gain an average of 5
pounds during the this time of year.

(Average = some more, some less.)

Now here’s the real kick in the teeth:

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,
69% of Americans in 2011-2012 were considered overweight
and obese.

“Not good, Mav, not good.”

(10 points if you can name that quote.)

That means that the “average” American is either overweight
or obese.

And that means that the average American will gain an
average of 5 pounds during this Holiday season.

Moral of the story?

Pick one of the 5 “Thrival” strategies to not be average.

We’re going to cover just one of these strategies today and
get to the rest of them this week.

“Thrival” Strategy #1:

Hard And Fast

Time, it seems, is always of the essence. But never more
so than during the Holidays.

So, one of the ways to relieve the stress and keep the
calories at bay is to do short, hard, and fast-paced

3 days a week for 10-20 minutes works great.

The best choice in my book?


In case you’re unfamiliar with a complex or have forgotten
what they are, they’re simple:

A series of [compound] exercises performed sequentially with
the same weight and without rest. All the reps for one
exercise are completed before moving on to the next exercise
in the sequence.

For example:

Swing x5
Snatch x5
Front Squat x5

Which, by the way, is a very challenging complex if you do
it with a pair of kettlebells, using your 8RM for your

The beautiful thing about complexes is just how much work
you can get done in just a short amount of time.

The tonnage really adds up.

And that also means that the amount of calories you burn
after your workout goes way up as well.

So Time Efficiency And Caloric Expenditure Are BIG Deals
This Time Of Year.

Speaking of – I’d forego the traditional rep based complex
this time of year in favor of time-based complexes.

Here’s a really simple one you can start doing today:

It’s from a program called “The Basic” found in “More
Kettlebell Muscle.”

– Use a pair of KBs that you can press for 12-15 reps.

Day 1:

Swing x 20 seconds
Clean x 20 seconds
Snatch x 20 seconds

Do 4 rounds/sets.

Rest 2 minutes between rounds/sets.

This whole program will take you a whopping 10 minutes.

(60s + 120s) x 3 = 9 minutes + one more round of 60 seconds
= 10 minutes.

That’ll fit in the busiest of schedules.

Don’t, however, just do the same complex day in and day

Why not?

You’re body will adapt too quickly.

Instead, use a variety of “like” complexes AND make sure
you follow the Principle of Progression.

That means, each workout has to be more stressful in some
way to continue to force the body to adapt.

In it, you’ll find the other 2 days of “The Basic,” a 6-
week program that will take you into the New Year and
help you offset any dietary indulgences you may have or
plan to have.

Plus, I’m including 2 special bonuses with “More Kettlebell
Muscle” when you grab your copy today:

BONUS 1: The MKM RFL Accelerator

This is a simple and more often than not overlooked way to
maximize your fat loss after something hard and fast like
complexes. You potentially could burn off an extra pound
of fat a week using this. Plus, it really mitigates the
stress levels this time of year too.

BONUS 2: The 24 Hour Diet

Speaking of stress levels – there are 3 essential amino
acids that you need to “load” up on under times of stress –

This “diet” – or eating plan – shows you what they are
and how to effortlessly and enjoyably fit them into your
day so you can drop a pound or two a week. This is especially
useful this time of year.

Back tomorrow with “Thrival” Strategy #2.

Talk then.


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