5 Powerful Gains From This ONE Exercise, Even In “Maintenance Mode” (NOT The Front Squat)

Did you know there’s one KB exercise other than the double
front squat that yields some very powerful results – 5 to be

And did you also know that you can do “just” this one exercise
for the next 3 weeks and see those 5 powerful results?

If you’ve been following along lately, you know that I’m
a big, BIG fan of maintenance work this time of year.

It’s just too stressful to get meaningful work done.

(It is possible, if you structure your life correctly. See
yesterday’s email for details.)

This time of year should be thought of as the “Post-Season” –

That time of year when workouts really and truly are more
training than workouts –

More preparation for 2014 than actual honest-to-goodness
what you’d think of as work.

You know I’m also a BIG believer in doing maintenance
work on your doubles during this time period – really taking
time to hone and refine your technique.

Now some people just aren’t going to stick with the basics
of really spending time on their foundational lift –

The double front squat (DFSQ).

Too boring. Too hard. Too whatever.

Totally cool.

I get it.

If you have any hesitations at all about the DFSQ, then
skip it and do the next best big-bang-for-your-buck exercise:

The double KB clean (DCL).


Because pretty much everything double KB-wise starts and
finishes in the rack. And your rack is only as good as your clean.

(Can’t clean it, can’t get it to the rack.)

It’s THAT powerful…

Think about it:

Want a good press?

Better set up your clean properly.

Want a good push press?

Better have a strong clean.

Want to drive your jerk reps sky high?

Need a great clean.

Double snatch?

Yup, you have to lower those puppies into the rack and then
toss them back under your legs…

… just like a clean.

Bottom line: The double KB clean sets up almost every other
KB exercise.

So if you’re having technical trouble with something overhead,
you better go back and diagnose what’s going on with your

Or you can just keep struggling.

Your choice.

Not only that, the double KB clean has FIVE other powerful

1) It builds TREMENDOUS grip and forearm strength, great
for showing off “the gunz” in the upcoming Spring.

For guys reading this, do I really need to say anything more
about this?

You’re right, I do, so on to #2:

2) It’s a powerful muscle-builder in its own right –

Packing mass on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, along
with the previously-mentioned forearms.

(Dan John calls it “armor.” That’s probably the best description
I’ve heard of the type of “mass” you can build if you want to with
the DCL.)

You want to look intimidating? Grow a pair of traps. Monster
traps. There’s something about a guy with big traps that serves
as a warning signal. And very few exercises that I know of
build monster traps like high rep heavy DCLs.

3) Beats the daylights out of your abs, without you really even

Think about it – where does the double clean finish?

That’s right – in the Rack.

And the Rack makes your abs work almost automatically.

So the more time you spend perfecting your DCL, the more
time you’ll spend in the rack, and the stronger your abs will

And we all know that Strong Abs = Strong Body.

4) Build a strong posterior chain for running, jumping, and
even kicking a$$ (when you need to).

Because you drop the KBs from the rack back through the
legs, they move a greater distance than they do in the double
swing. That also means they move at a faster velocity.

And that means a bigger stretch and therefore a more powerful
contraction from your gluts and hamstrings.

And that means you’ll make them stronger, faster, for whatever
sport you have to or want to play.

Even pick-up basketball in these arctic temperatures.

And who knows – the double KB clean could make the difference
in whether your the victim or victor of those idiots playing that
“knockout” game.

5) “Accidentally” increase your conditioning levels without
trying that all that hard. (And accidental fat loss as a result.)

Because the DCL is a ballistic, it’s going to make your heart
rate jump up. A lot. Especially if you’re really focusing on
making each and every rep explosive. (You should be.)

You practice the DCL from the “dead stop” position and
not only are you going to improve your power output (see
#4 above) but you’re going to see a significant increase
in your conditioning levels as well.

Heck, I remember after I did a “simple” workout of 4 sets of
10 with a pair of 40s, I had that “creeping heat” – that long
lasting sweaty feeling along with that deep, dry, cough that
comes from making your lungs work harder than they have
in awhile. (You know what I mean… If not – more double
cleans for you!)

Plus, that long lasting sweaty feeling is a sign that you’ve
elevated your metabolism – so you’re burning [fat] calories
>even after you’re workout’s over. (Bonus!)

The bottom line is this:

The double KB clean is such a powerful exercise you can
receive a ton of benefits from just performing it alone, by
itself, as part of a practice session.

Three times a week is really all you need.

Use a variety of KB sizes – light, medium, heavy – and vary
your sets and reps.

Make each and every rep as explosive as possible.

When you can’t, stop your set and rest.

And make sure you don’t make any one of these FOUR
common mistakes:

1. Banging the wrists/forearms
2. “Scooping” with the hips
3. Rounded upper back
4. Pulling with the arms

I show you how to avoid them and exactly how to set up
for the perfect double KB clean inside “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

Plus, I show you four different grips and which ones are
optimal for a stronger clean and tighter rack and why.

(HINT: There’s one that virtually fixes all the wrist banging
and one that actually promotes it.)

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here and spend
some time getting to know your double KB clean.

You’ll be surprised at the changes in your strength and
appearance just from practicing it for a couple of weeks.

Not only that, but it’ll be a great set up for more aggressive work
in the upcoming New Year.

Talk soon.


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