5 Steps For NON-STOP KB Workout Results [PRINT]

Hilarious. MORE snow yesterday.

And it’s snowing right now.

Gotta love the high desert in the Spring…

Hope you’re enjoying your spring so far.

Spring being a “new beginning,” I thought it’d be appropriate to discuss how to stop being a victim to the “bright, shiny ‘New’ workouts” that, if you’re like me, pop up in your inbox every day.

Each of course touts “the #1 thing” you’re missing – the reason – the only reason you’re not seeing success.


So print this out so you get clarity about HOW to continually succeed day in and day out with your KB workouts.

(Unless of course you’re not into that sort of thing – You know – Success.)

That way you can look back 3 months from now…

6 months from now…

3 years from now…

And be able to measure your progress and definitively say,

“Yep, I’m leaner, stronger, and better conditioned than I was when I was ________. And as a result, my life is significantly better because I’m __________.”

So here the 5 Steps, or Outcomes to train for so you will always see success:

1. Learn, train, and refine your technique.

This is a foreign concept to some, but if you think about it it makes perfect sense.

If you’re technique is off, you’ll increase your chances of injury.

And you’ll decrease your ability to do high quality work, which is what drives your results.

2. Find and strengthen your weaknesses.

The old saying is true –

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link.”

If your shoulder hurts when you press, you should probably fix that so that you don’t further injure yourself.

And of course, because pain alters movement mechanics and therefore makes you weaker in the long run because you’re not using your muscles the way you’re supposed to.

3. Get strong.

Strength is the basis for all your other physical abilities.

Want to snatch your KB 100 times?

Gotta be able to do it 10 times first, right?

Makes sense.

4. Strip off body fat.

Excess body fat slows you down.

It makes you look older.

And it makes you less healthy – stressing your joints and internal organs.

Plus, it literally weighs you down.

It makes it harder to move.

So just make it a priority to get rid of it.

5. Build some muscle.

You don’t have to look like a pro bodybuilder, with a fake tan, shaved body, and bikini briefs to build some muscle.

Truth is, unless you focus on looking like that, you never will.

But muscle is critical for your health and longevity.

It’s your “metabolic machinery.”

Muscle is one of the key players in calorie-burning.

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest.

(And the more food you can eat!)

Plus, more muscle on your body means the more strength potential you have.

And that’s it.

Train those 5 outcomes when you’re using your KBs and you’ll always find success.


For best results cycle these outcomes.

Don’t always be on a fat loss program.

Or a strength program.


You get the point, right?


Now make sure you print this out.

Ok, gotta run.

Stay Strong.

P.S. Assuming you’re relatively healthy with no “dings” or current issues, I’ve put together a program for you that’s challenging, yet brief – 3x ~20 minutes a week.

The cycle runs like this:

Strength => Hypertrophy => Fat Loss / Conditioning.

It’s called the “STRONG!” program.

It’s found inside the “Kettlebell STRONG!” program which is part of the “Kettlebell STRONG!” package, which will not only make stronger, leaner, and more muscular…

… It will also show you the absolute best way techniques to safely use a pair of KBs.

It’s for serious KB users only.

If that’s you, go here.

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