5 Traits Of Great Kettlebell Workouts

I gotta make this quick today – #1 son woke us up about
230am and we were awake until about 430 or so…

So I’m behind the 8 ball big time right now…

But I wanted to make sure you got this cause it’s

There are 5 traits of great kettlebell workouts that
you should be aware of (so you don’t waste your
time and you actually get what you’re looking for –

1. The workouts are actually PROGRESSIVE –
that is, they are part of a program – a bigger picture
moving you toward your goals.

2. They start simple and then progress to complicated –
allowing you to measure and make progress.

3. They take into account your strengths and weaknesses
and help fortify your weaknesses and making you
strong all over.

4. They vary the load – allowing for built in recovery
so you don’t get pounded into the ground every
workout and so your body can adapt (i.e. see results)

5. They are long enough to get the job done but
short enough to fit into your schedule without stressing
you out and so you can actually get them done.

Does that describe your kettlebell workouts?

Or are you just “winging it?”

Here’s the “fix” –


Gotta run…


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