5 Workout Ideas For People With Limited Kettlebells (And Time)

What if you don’t have a lot of time to workout
with your kettlebells because your schedule is

Or what if you only have a few non-matching
kettlebells and don’t have access to more
for whatever reason?

Are you doomed to sub-optimal workouts?

And sub-optimal results?

Heck no!

If you have “just” one or two kettlebells you can
get GREAT results if you know what you’re doing
and have a plan to follow.

Sure, there’s always the ol’ standby –

Swings and Get Ups.

But let’s face it –

If you’ve done enough of those they can be
downright boring.

And when faced with more swings or finding
something else more “important” to do –

You’ll choose the latter every time.

So here are some ideas for you:

1. Spend 15 to 20 minutes practicing more
“advanced” exercises
 like the snatch or the

2. Put together a circuit of the Big 6 – the
swing, GU, clean, press, squat, and snatch
and do as many high quality reps in a set
period of time – say 30 minutes.

3. Do something you haven’t done in ages
– if ever
 – CARRY your KB in various positions
for time or duration – 50 yards at a clip or
for 2 minutes or something like that.

4. Do “super sets” – of two exercises for
20 minutes and see how many sets you
can do. Compete against yourself and see
if you can get more the next workout.

For example – use the front squat and the

5. Pair a bodyweight exercise with a KB
and work on only high quality reps.
For example: Front squat with a pause and
chin ups.

Your options are really endless.

There’s no need to get stuck in a rut and feel
like you need to do “just one” exercise.

Just make sure you don’t fall into the “random
acts of variety” trap – where you’re switching
up your workouts just for the sake of doing
something different.

That’s a guaranteed path to failure because
your body never adapts to any of the work
you’re doing.

Do “similar” workouts for 4 to 6 week periods.

Then switch it up to something new.

At a loss for exactly how to plan these workouts?

No worries.

I’ve already done it for you.

Last year I sold a program for a very limited
time called “Kettlebell Express! ULTRA

Yeah, you’re right, that is a mouthful.

It was the ultimate time-efficient compendium
of kettlebell programs –

100 to be exact.

The problem was, they were all double
kettlebell programs.

And not everyone knows how to use a
pair of kettlebells – nor has the time or
even the desire to learn.

To make up for that, I included as a bonus
another 100 time-efficient programs –

All single kettlebell programs.

That was 200 complete, built-for-you KB

The problem was that was A LOT of different
KB programs.

And although a lot of people saw the value
of this amazing package –

Many people who only had one or two kettlebells
really couldn’t see themselves benefitting
from all of it.

And because of that, I decided to no longer sell
this package.

Nor will I.

However, I thought you might like to have just
the single KB programs found inside

Kettlebell Express! RELOADED.

Again, these are all SINGLE kettlebell

Full 4 to 6 week long programs.

NOT just workouts.

I’m making this available for an extremely
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So, if you didn’t take advantage of the ULTRA
offer last summer –

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efficient single KB programs.

What exactly does “time-efficient” mean?

It means that these programs can be done
somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes
TOTAL per week.

And that means you’ll have short, professionally
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after week.

Furthermore, you’ll also never be bored
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Inside you’ll find a large variety of challenging,
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Leaner. Stronger. Better conditioned…

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