7 Reasons You Should STOP Squatting – Especially W/ KBs

I know, I know, sounds almost hypocritical, but reserve
judgment until you read them…

1. Squatting is bad for your knees.

It’s true.

That’s what my doctor said.

And that’s good enough for me.

2. Squatting is too hard.

Let’s face it, there are much easier exercises you could be
doing, like lunges.

Plus, they tone you up better.

3. Squatting is also bad for your back.

Again, I defer to my doctor.

4. There is nothing special about a KB – it’s just a tool and
it’s especially cumbersome to use when squatting.

Probably why your knees and your back hurt.

5. Squatting will give you “thunder thighs” – which are oh-
so-attractive on women.

Bulking is for the boys.

Plus, who likes the chafing anyways?

6. Squatting will give you a blocky, thick waist.

Refer back to #2 – lunges.

Enough said.

7. Squatting gives you a big butt.

And my doctor says that a big butt is a sign of heart disease.
Although, I must confess, this one doesn’t sound right. After
all, J-Lo has a big butt and she looks great…

Ok, ok, this was all very tongue-in-cheek.

I bet you thought I lost my mind.  ;-)

Truth be told, I LOVE squatting.

And you should too.

For 3 Primary Reasons:

1. It’s a tell-tale sign as to how well your body is functioning.
Squatting is a foundational movement pattern and is a great
assessment to see if your reflexive stability is intact.

2. “The legs feed the wolf” – if you have strong legs, you’ll
have a strong body.
Squatting gives you strong legs. That’s
why little kids spend so much time squatting. It’s engrained
in your development as a movement to strengthen your
legs for future walking and running.

3. If you’re looking to get lean, you better have strong legs.
Squatting routinely on a fat loss program will give you
not only strong legs, but will produce the necessary hormone
cascade to burn fat AND –

Will cost enough energy to burn excess calories stored as

In fact, squatting, particularly the Double KB Front Squat –

Is the foundation of advanced (double) kettlebell training.

If you don’t have a semi-decent squat, you’re limiting
your results

This is because the double KB Front Squat teaches you
how to stay tight and breathe behind the shield regardless
of load, especially while moving the body.

In order to perform it correctly, you need to:

– Find the optimal foot placement
– Use your breath correctly
– Learn how to pull yourself into the hole
– Use the appropriate cueing to over-ride and negative
squatting patterns you probably have
– Put your head in the best position to allow you to squat
(Where the head goes, the body follows)
– Keep your knees aligned with your feet

… And a whole lot more.

Don’t worry though – it’s easy enough to do when you just
work on these pieces in layers – one thing at a time.

I cover in great detail everything you need to know to master
the squat with a pair of kettlebells in “Kettlebell STRONG!

If you’re serious about kettlebell training – whether you want
to get stronger, or peel off some fat – make sure you’ve got
your squat intact and working for you.

Remember, the stronger your squat, the stronger your

For a leaner, stronger body, get your copy of

P.S. I even cover the 4 most common squatting mistakes
and how to fix them.
Are you making one or more of them?

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