“_____ ______ Are One-Stop!”

You ever notice when you watch movies like the Hulk, Iron Man,
The Avengers, Wolverine, or Superman these super heroes all
have one thing in common?

(Besides super powers that is.)

Is it their bird chests?

Or their beer guts?

Or their love for fried snack foods like Cheetos?

Uh… No.

Just the opposite, actually.

These guys are chiseled.

And the girls are too – Black Widow, Wonder Woman, Storm,
Jean Gray. Well not “chiseled” but “toned” for sure.

And they all have broad shoulders (and tapered waists*).

What is it about broad shoulders (and tapered waists)?

(*Interesting side-note: The broader and more muscular your
shoulders, the more tapered your waist looks automatically.
Sweet illusion.)

They just makes you look and feel more powerful.

Because you ARE more powerful.

Broad shoulders mean you have put and can put substantial
weight over head.

A tapered waist means that your hormones are working properly
and instead of storing fat (and looking like a Christmas tree)
you’re using fat for fuel.

One of the best KB exercises for achieving both is one that
is rarely ever used because more often than not, it’s overlooked.

What is it?

The double KB Clean + Push Press.

It’s relatively easy to perform.

There are only a few key points.

Many people over-teach the Push Press making more out of it than
there needs to be, which is a shame because it scares people
away from it.

John Grahill, one of my long-time customers, said this about
the Clean and Push Press –

“…two things:

1). I can see where you have said that you can get “most” of
the benefits of the C&J with the clean and push press, as my
heart was thumping and when I was done I was smoked and had a
tremendous shoulder pump!

2). I guess it must be the explosive nature of the PPs as opposed
to the grinding of the C&Ps combined with incomplete rest periods
in the depletion protocol …. shoulders are thicker than ever and
conditioning is there too! Legs did not lose size either! Push
presses are one stop!”

If you want super hero shoulders (and a tapered waist) you need
to learn the double KB Clean + Push Press.

And I’ll show you how in “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

And, when you order today, I’ll send you a copy of the “depletion
workouts” John was talking about so that once you have your
technique dialed in, you can also experience why “Push Presses
are one stop!”

Talk soon.


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