A 37.5% Injury Rate??

Sounds pretty high doesn’t it?

You bet it does.

I was talking to my friend Elliot the other day and we were
talking about double KB training and all the benefits he’s
seen from “Kettlebell STRONG!” (especially combined with

His boxing power is up.

His deadlift strength is up.

His overall stamina is up.

So overall, he’s loving life.

He was telling me about a kettlebell class at his local gym
where he trains.

He said they were doing double kettlebell work.

And everybody’s form was atrocious.

Round backs…

KBs slamming into wrists…

Bad, bad news.

The result?

Of the 8 people taking the class, 3 got injured.

That’s a 37.5% injury rate!

That’s inexcusable.

One of the tenets every trainer and kettlebell instructor
should live by is “first do no harm” from the Hippocratic

Here’s the key to success with kettlebell training:

+ Practice your form first.

+ Then add in the reps.

+ Then move to a heavier kettlebell.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using one KB or two.

The path to success is always the same.

If you’re looking to learn the double KB lifts, you need
to start in one particular place –

And it’s not with the Swing.

It’s in the Rack.

Then you build from there in a very methodical and
specific order.

It keeps you safe.

And it gets you really, really strong.

And of course, that’s the point.

When you’re using a pair of kettlebells, don’t wing it,
guess, or waste your time on YouTube.

Stay injury free and get the definitive guide to double
kettlebell training here.

Talk soon.


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