A “Drop Dead Simple” Way To Burn Off Excess Calories (You’ll Never Guess)

Hope you had a great extended weekend.

I’ve gotta make this quick – looks like we’re heading to the
hospital today – baby girl on her way…

I’ve been talking the past couple of weeks about shifting
your training into “maintenance mode.”

A sort of Post Season –

Where you maintain the gains you’ve made over the
last 11 months or so.

There are a couple of ways to do that:

1) Focus on short duration workouts

And one we haven’t yet talked about, but is certainly
something we should –

2) Focus on refining your technique

Here’s why:

Technique takes effort.

Slowing down and paying attention to what you’re doing takes
some mental focus.

Too many times we get in “kill mode” where we just go in and
try to destroy our workouts – view them as an enemy to
dominate – or something along those lines.

And over time, because you’re so focused on dominating
or surviving, your technique suffers.

Case in point:

A couple of years ago when the VO2 Max Snatch Protocol
was all the rage, people were so focused on getting
their reps, that they ended up with “hail Hitler snatches” –

Where their arms never hit full lockout – the bell and arm
wasn’t perpendicular to the ground.

It just felt like it was because they’re eyes were on the
ground looking at their timers.

My recommendation is you set yourself up for a great
new year by focusing on your double KB technique.


Because January is “International Rapid Fat Loss” month.

It’s the one month where everyone wants to lose the 8
pounds they gained between Thanksgiving and New
Year plus all the weight they gained the previous year.

(Of course, most people fail because they’re using the
wrong tools, the wrong programs, and eating the
wrong things.)

But here’s the really cool thing –

When you focus on getting your technique dialed in
three things happen

1. You end up burning more calories than you thought
you would, because you’re actually making the right
muscles work at the right times, instead of compensating.

(People are always amazed at how challenging the
technique work is in the “Kettlebell STRONG!” DVDs.)

2. Because you end up “locking in” your new and correct
technique, you set yourself up to be able to do more
work –

That is – to move more weight for more reps.

That of course will –

a) make you stronger
b) improve your conditioning
c) burn more calories and help you lose fat at a faster

(It’s the most “drop dead simple” way to get faster results
and almost no one ever does it.)

The good news is you don’t have to wait until January like
everybody else – you can cheat you’re way to fat loss
simply by practicing technique.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Simply practice one of the 10 double KB exercises
a day for about 20 minutes.

Here’s a sample schedule:

Monday – Front Squat
Tuesday – Clean
Wednesday – Press
Thursday – Swing
Friday – Push Press
Sat/Sun – OFF

Monday – High Pull
Tuesday – Front Squat
Wednesday – Snatch
Thursday – Jerk (or C+J)
Friday – Swing
Sat/Sun – OFF

2) Make sure you actually KNOW what good double KB
technique looks like –

Get the 3.5+ hour set of “Kettlebell STRONG!” DVDs that
include not only the correct techniques, but also common
mistakes and limitations. (Actually, those are in the book
that comes with the DVDs.)


Remember, just because you’re in “maintenance mode”
for the next month, doesn’t mean it can’t be productive.

Sneak up on your New Year’s goals here.

Gotta run.


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