A Drop Dead Simple Way To GUARANTEE Non-Stop Gains…

… in strength, fat loss, conditioning, or any workout goal
you have.

In fact this is so drop-dead simple, you may be tempted
to overlook it because it’s THAT simple.

Too simple to work.

But of course, there’s a catch:

You *may* have to take a step back from your current
workout pace.


You may not.

That’d be cool too.

So what is this drop dead simple way?


Not just any sort of breathing though.

Nasal breathing.

That’s right – breathing through your nose.

Now I know that sounds simple enough and certainly not
exciting at all.

Not like some fancy new grip that innervates your lat to
improve your press instantly or something like that.

BUT – let me explain.

You probably breathe through your nose all day (hopefully)
but do you do it when you work out?

If you’re like most people you don’t.

Maybe for some of it.

But when oxygen becomes scarce, open drops the mouth
and you suck in the air.

Here’s the problem:

Mouth breathing changes how your body processes that
oxygen. Mouth breathing actually REDUCES the amount
of oxygen you take in, counterintuitive as it seems. That
means you’re ultimately robbing yourself of energy.

It also decreases intra-abdominal pressure and destabilizes
your spine – or can – which is no good under heavy loads
or during heavy conditioning.

And long term, it also throws off your stress hormone
levels actually increasing inflammation in the body,
resulting in decreased strength and increased body fat.

So here’s what I do and if you do the same, you’ll find it
muy useful:

I simply breathe through my nose for all my lifts, regardless
of what I’m doing and MORE IMPORTANTLY –

I STOP my sets (of conditioning) when I can no longer
breathe through my nose.

This was no easy task for a chronic mouth breather.

So what I did was quite simple:

I just focused on only breathing through my nose ALL the
time during my strength work.

I made sure that every rep was nasal breathing unless
I absolutely had to power breathe. Then after the set was
over – right back to nasal breathing.

The “down side” such as it was, was that I had to take a
small step back on the weights and reps for all my lifts.

BUT that was only for a short period of time.

Here’s what I found and you will too:

1. By nasal breathing I increased my ability to recover
between workouts so I can make faster progress

2. I am able to train more frequently should I choose to do
so – again – speeding up my results

3. By nasal breathing, I am better at diaphragmatic breathing
so I am able to “load” my body in a more biomechanically
sound way – and therefore protect myself from injuries

4. And here’s the weird part – since breathing ultimately
controls your hormones – I am able to be a little more
loose on my diet and still stay lean

Now here’s the downside to all this:

Unfortunately we live in a society that has forgotten how to
breathe – as crazy as that sounds.

And if you really want to see your performance improve,
you better re-learn how to breathe.

That goes for strength, fat loss, whatever.

I cover a short section on breathing in “Kettlebell STRONG!”
to improve your Jerk. But the truth is, that section can and
should be applied to EVERY kettlebell lift if your goal is

(Surprisingly enough, it’s also the key to unlocking a lot
of mobility issues in the upper body…)

So take a step back and learn how to nasal breathe again
and watch your performance levels soar.

Talk soon.


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